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Jiebohui builds air conditioning of force of division of energy-saving communica
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Jiebohui builds air conditioning of force of division of energy-saving communication platform to suffer reputably

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: A few days ago, the 4th China Jiebohui and 2007 Beijing international exhibition of energy-saving environmental protection is held in Beijing, this second " Chinese section rich is met " with " Beijing international is energy-saving exhibit " powerful powerful combination, 2007 the combination between cycle of energy-saving conduct propaganda develops the nation, high-quality goods of energy-saving environmental protection collects true it may be said the international grand meeting of a gathering of things or people, attracted ginseng of numerous domestic and international enterprise to exhibit, the ginseng that includes to come from beautiful, heart, Japan and Europe postpones business, more than 100 thousand major and trade public figure come round to purchase a product, seek collaboration and the achievement that communicate respect of technology of energy-saving environmental protection and information, the spot of media of level of state of close a hunderd schools such as CCTV, People's Daily covers a report, scale is unprecedented.

The area is exhibited in energy-saving electric equipment, the division force with capacious and bright, gorgeous colour is exhibited quite conspicuous, of in an endless stream before purchasing round, ginseng to exhibit the personage Muming such as official of business, government, come, stop watch, in spirits ground is commenting on new product of division force air conditioning. Division power electric equipment carries battle array of formidable air conditioning product, exhibited of Wang Zhe honour, a series of high-energy effect such as Qing Qiao, energy-saving prince, sober treasure compare a product, the design concept of its elegant design, powerful function, energy-saving environmental protection got join the accord that exhibits travelling merchant reputably, become exhibit can conspicuous window. "High-quality goods air conditioning, division force is made! Be worthy of be Chinese world famous brand! " this is the evaluation of a person that look around to division force air conditioning, also be the aspirations of the most audience that visited division force to exhibit an area that day.

Chief expresses related division force air conditioning, division power electric equipment regards global dimensions as company of the biggest professional air conditioning, devote oneself to air conditioning to consider and obtain great achievements of again and again of respect of energy-saving environmental protection all the time. The air conditioning product that division power electric equipment exhibits this represented the design concept of the green with division newest force, energy-saving, environmental protection and level of science and technology, those who be like Wang Zhe honour, Qing Qiao, energy-saving prince, sober treasure, all reach a nation 2 class can effect standard, especially new appear on the market " of Wang Zhe honour " , drew the look of numerous audience to the appearance of dazzle to cruel, and its ultralow temperature of 0 25 Celsius makes heat, heat up the property with young exhaustion, more let a person be profuse in praise. Numerous high-quality goods showed case strength adequately " pioneer of energy-saving environmental protection " elegant demeanour and actual strength, to ginseng exhibited an audience to leave deep impression.
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