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The 2nd 2008 China western international hot water is energy-saving technical eq
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The 2nd 2008 China western international hot water is energy-saving technical equipment exhibition

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Ask pass on: Expensive look forward to engineers market of department inspector general to sell controller of chief inspector exhibition to close
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Sponsor an unit: Sichuan saves the Chengdu City of association of science and technology to build energy-saving center
Sichuan saves guild of housing materials of the Chengdu City of Institute of Refrigeration
Sichuan saves guild of interior decoration of the Chengdu City of interior decoration guild
Assist run an unit: Sichuan building construction learns net of Chinese building materials
China builds southwest to design an academy
Sichuan province builds scientific academy energy-saving institute
Undertake unit: Sichuan Sichuan achieves international of science and technology to communicate science and technology of central Chengdu vane to show limited company
Net of equipment of Chinese energy-saving hot water
Publicize media: Chengdu business newspaper, China on the west water heater of solar energy of Metropolis Daily, China net, " water heater world "
Net of Chinese hot water, China heats up pump water heater website of solar energy of water heater net of net, China, China
Website of heat addition of net of net of Chinese hot pump, business affairs of Chinese solar energy, China, " land source heats up pump "
[market background]
As energy problem increasingly outstanding, to reduce manufacturing cost quickly, improve living environment, enhance environmental protection consciousness, new and high and energy-saving model hot water technology and equipment are continuous emerge in large numbers. In order to heat up the ceaseless progress of technology of pump, solar energy and development, depend on its efficient, environmental protection, safe, convenient advantage, replacing traditional technique stage by stage, become building, guesthouse, hotel, fashionable family to buy room and decorate one of element of first consideration the sources of energy.
Sichuan saved bldg. total production value to break through 200 billion yuan 2007, achieve 209.2 billion yuan, the contribution that increases every year to saving economy completely leads more than 7 % . Ask to be in the program of the building, design, build, rebuild, extend, energy-saving in transform and using a process, carry out a building strictly energy-saving standard, and this certainly will reachs relevant industry creation to give tremendous business chance to industry of water heater, heating.
In the meantime, the Chengdu City or the central important place that market of solar energy business contends for, to assist manufacturer of domestic and international hot water promotion reveals the hot aquatic product with energy-saving superior sex to develop fruit, "2008 the 2nd western international hot water is energy-saving technical equipment exhibition " [abbreviation WIHE] will be made western business affairs of hot water industry communicates platform.
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