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" of coal-bed " gas generates electricity air sends hot Shanghai freely internat
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" of coal-bed " gas generates electricity air sends hot Shanghai freely international energy-saving exhibit appear since July 5

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: The Shanghai international that shows enterprise of more than 100 China and foreign countries to equip energy-saving new technology, newly is energy-saving technology and equipment exhibition, come since July 5 open freely to the citizen in store of Shanghai world trade Saturday. Among them, coal-bed " gas " the energy-saving project that generate electricity, energy-saving program that uses air to send heat freely is fetching attention.

Power station of gas of coal-bed of river of temple of group of trade of Shanxi Jincheng coal appears on Shanghai first energy-saving exhibit, to have a coal mine all the time " the first killer " say " gas " renown, science makes give out to be killed changeably completely for treasure. This year the beginning of the year, shanghai is electric with the United States card spy those straps a company to comprise combine, carried on this one home first, the biggest 120 thousand kilowatt on the world uses coal-bed to enrage combination to generate electricity circularly project. In former days the gas gas of damage mankind is smoked after putting the floor, send light in engine is being lighted inside gas, generate electricity, can reduce gas of coal-bed of 70 thousand stere to discharge hourly.

Available gas has free hot water! Exhibit an energy-saving center such compliance, your popular feeling gives birth to curiosity. So machine of hot water of this kind of air conditioning advocate battalion " useless heat reclaims " , when use air conditioning, can produce free hot water; When needing air conditioning, can use when water heater, power consumption is the 1/4 of average report water heater only, use charge is the 40 % of water heater burning gas about, still can need to spend a body according to the client plan of custom-built and energy-saving project, apply to room of constant temperature pool, constant temperature and the place that want a large number of hot water.

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