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Treasure of 07 fresh wind seizes the air conditioning of step sea Er that steppi
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Treasure of 07 fresh wind seizes the air conditioning of step sea Er that stepping frequency conversion again head head

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Telecommunications of business of Shandong 2007-07-09(China) - - 7 days, "Exposition of electron of consumption of 2007 China International " (SINOCES) academy of development of Information Industry of electron of China of organizing committee combination, " Chinese electron signs up for " wait for authoritative orgnaization, it is a foundation in order to investigate the sale data that orgnaization and channel business provide, announce " China consumed electronic check 2007 " result: After frequency conversion makes the fundamental technology with energy-saving air conditioning, can contain oxygen to spend the healthy air conditioning that waits for a respect to create quality of class A air to make first selection from temperature, humidity, air. Last year SINOCES is exhibited on the sea Er that obtains industry height opinion (600690) air conditioning of ´07 Xian Fengbao, lead 7 years of consumption in order to create the lead dominant position of quality of class A air tide, with one action is taken " the market is behaved " , " popular model " , " innovation is designed " and " innovation technology " all honor large award, pick the industry is exclusively " best-selling 2007 product " laurel.

Treasure of 07 fresh wind leads sea Er ′ industry of Chinese air conditioning enter health to gain ground period

Since from 1985 market of our country air conditioning begins to shape, experienced period of 4 7 years of development roughly to nowadays, conforming actively with trend of international industry health. The first it is air conditioning acknowledge 7 years period, 1985 - 1992. At that time, consumer stays in pure refrigeration to make hot fundamental function level go up only to the demand of air conditioning and acknowledge. The 2nd it is air conditioning 7 years energy-saving period, 1993 - 1999. Mixed 1993 1998, after sea Er takes the lead in rolling out air conditioning of the first frequency conversion of our country and air conditioning of dc frequency conversion respectively, frequency conversion makes the energy-saving foundation technology of enterprise of numerous air conditioning gradually. The 3rd it is acknowledge of healthy air conditioning 7 years period, 2000 - 2006. When energy-saving after the admittance doorsill that has made air conditioning market, health became the pursuit with new people. The 4th it is healthy air conditioning gains ground 7 years period, from sea Er ′ treasure of 07 fresh wind is by 2006, "Shuang Xinfeng " , " AIP ionization is purified " , " anion " wait for healthy and patent technology to make standard of Chinese Xian Feng air conditioning, more the mark is worn the swift and violent arrival of this one climax.
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