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Energy-saving technology and equipment exhibit Shanghai international to be held
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Energy-saving technology and equipment exhibit Shanghai international to be held at 5 days

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Technology of skill of 2007 Shanghai international and equipment exhibition will on July 5 - hold 7 days in store of Shanghai world trade. Exhibit meeting with " advocate the whole people energy-saving, build good environment " for the theme, advocate progress of support science and technology, improve energy efficiency.

It is reported, this exhibits meeting dimensions and class to rank front row in Shanghai, have spaceflight of factory of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut elevator of Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai -- this cropland of electric group of solar energy company, Shanghai, Japan, air conditioning opening benefit, day establishs industry, An Chuan the ginseng of many 120 enterprise such as course of study of electric machinery, big metalworking is exhibited. Showpiece limits has industry energy-saving technology and equipment, section phone equipment, new energy resources, but technology of development of second birth energy.

The corresponding period, will organize forum of energy-saving technology high level, issue governmental tomorrow energy-saving reach project of research and development of new energy resources, promotion, industrialization, organize energy-saving technology symposium, communication to meet. Current exhibit can manage equipment of association, Shanghai to manage association, Shanghai by Chinese equipment energy-saving association is sponsorred.

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