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3 big move drive sea letter air conditioning the industry grows
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3 big move drive sea letter air conditioning the industry grows

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Telecommunications of business of Guangdong 2007-08-22(China) - - the rapid development as Chinese economy, of dweller consumption level rise ceaselessly, people goes after energy-saving environmental protection, pursuit the desire that comfortable life enjoys is stronger and stronger, the condition that enjoys comfortable life is more and more sufficient, among them energy-saving the choice that the product of high end of frequency conversion air conditioning with comfortable give attention to two or morethings makes increasing consumer. With respect to air conditioning industry character, in the air conditioning that sells this year, the proportion that place of frequency conversion air conditioning holds rises considerably. GfK data shows, frequency conversion air conditioning rises in last few years the trend is clear. 9.5% what frequency conversion air conditioning took integral sales volume in April 2007, and this one word is in the corresponding period was only last year 6% .

"Frequency conversion expert " the dominant force that sea letter air conditioning regards domestic frequency conversion as air conditioning, gaining ground with what the attitude of deal with concrete matters relating to work promotes product of frequency conversion air conditioning, drive product of air conditioning industry to upgrade replacement. The sea believes air conditioning to express about chief, with compared last year, the scale of high-end product sales volume of frequency conversion air conditioning rises very fast, appear on the market newly this year " vessel " air conditioning of series dc frequency conversion, become today the product of high-end air conditioning with most popular summer.

Answer national call, raise high-energy effect level

Energy-saving and current a when already became our country basic policy, energy-saving index is a country the target of a key that 915 development plan. But practice makes clear, active air conditioning can effect doorsill already did not follow to go up country " energy-saving decrease a platoon " pressing pace. To change the air conditioning of on the market 95% can effect is only " passing " situation, national level appoint, hair change appoint plan in March 2009, air conditioning can effect lowest level 5 class can of effect can effect comparing, by active 2.6 rise 3.2, be equivalent to active 2 class can effect.

According to the country 915 during the demand that reduces quota of GDP specific power consumption, at present countrywide each district is making demand of higher product specific power consumption. Especially a few develop area, all will make system of similar market admittance in the near future. Of these local policy code come on stage in succession, will make can effect grade is 3 class and the air conditioning under 3 class to retreat city directly, feebleminded effect decides the market vivosphere of fast air conditioning to be being lost quickly.
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