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Air conditioning of Hai Erzhong center, project of example of 23 Olympic Gameses
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Air conditioning of Hai Erzhong center, project of example of 23 Olympic Gameses becomes industry year " of bar vessel make

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: On May 25, 2008, chinese track and field is surpassed publicly in national stadium " bird's nest " fall next heavy curtain, serve as be stationed in the brand of central air conditioning with Olympic Games most place -- air conditioning of Hai Erzhong center, passed last Olympic Games satisfactorily also to check the test of contest.

Cross bound design, the detail with sea unbeknown Er
Turn over Hai Erzhong to end place of 23 Olympic Gameses designs air conditioning the expert directory in the group, the project that there is major already inside designs an expert, also have come from domestic and international famous atmosphere expert, still include the expert such as psychology of coach, athlete, sports.
To make plan of optimal form a complete set, atmosphere expert is recorded according to the atmosphere of Beijing past years, during measuring cipher out Olympic Games everyday difference in temperature and wind speed, the central air conditioning that will adjust 23 place with this distributes a program. It is with bathhouse of athlete of national softball house exemple, the illumination time of Beijing is about during the match, the point-blank angle of the sun is smaller than spring 5 degrees or so, extremely indoor the daylighting condition of close French window will make indoor temperature is compared outdoor only low 5 ℃ , design group is made in time adjust equipment installation, will send wind force to rise 15% , bathhouse control is in 22 ℃ . In national badminton house, sea Er invites coach of ball of Lai Yu wool and athlete actual combat, watch the game repeatedly, the weight that discovers badminton of a standard has 5.5 grams only, pass a little like wind speed big, the flight speed of badminton and direction can be changed, affect the athlete's judgement and skill. The temperature inside the house that international feather couplet asks maintains constant temperature 26 degrees, send wind force to cannot exceed second of 0.2 meters of / , this is condition of a calm almost. To achieve a requirement, design group is in batter down after the badminton of hundreds of tests, offerred the design sending wind of convention of slam the door, raise area sending wind while reduce wind speed, solved the problem of rich play chess of refrigeration and wind speed thereby. To let different country athlete all can feel comfortable during the match, design group went to be able to center pilot to operate platform for design of Olympic Games place, adopt the design of 26 menu, realized different room, different temperature is controlled.
Of different national boundaries, different major " combine " expert, provided the support of meticulous in a subtle way to devise plan. During through the Olympic Games the test is surpassed the movement of full load, each place designs plan to all achieve ideal result.
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