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Home products of stand facing each other of air conditioning of China and foreig
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Home products of stand facing each other of air conditioning of China and foreign countries wins out in the round

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Home products of stand facing each other of air conditioning of China and foreign countries wins out in the round

Beautiful, the look forward to of another name for Guangdong Province such as Ge Lanshi takes the lead in beginning new round of market is run

To air conditioning enterprise character, 2007 refrigerant year are close already end, each manufacturer is busy recently check, and of below deploy one year " the plan that attack a town " . The reporter was informed from professional market research orgnaization yesterday, this refrigerant year, with division force, beauty, the card of home made product that the manufacturer such as Er of Ge Lanshi, sea is a delegate, held market of Chinese air conditioning the portion of 86% , with joint-stock the market of foreign capital brand that give priority to is had rate from 2003 20% fall further to 14% . Be in especially foreign capital brand hard of sortie 3, 4 class market, card of home made product squelched completely foreign capital brand.

Tall, medium, low end of the market win out in the round, make clear in home appliance domain, air conditioning course of study already became can be counted on one's fingers " China is made " one of advantage industries of brand of completely crushing foreign capital. Even if is in international market, chinese air conditioning has stronger competition ability and development latent capacity likewise. According to custom statistic, air conditioning of Chinese family expenses realizes export first half of the year 23.11 million, grow 11% compared to the same period; Export air conditioning increase advantageous position average price is 157.78 dollars, rise compared to the same period 9.4% .

Expert analysis, the technology of a few core of family expenses air conditioning is place of card of home made product already hep, innovate to the technology from core form a complete set, domestic mainstream enterprise rudes at present color travels together at abroad. So, begin from the upper reaches that supplies chain, homebred air conditioning has solid foundation, division force, beautiful wait for old brand manufacturer from not disappear says, after Lian Xinjun Ge Lanshi is building Zhongshan base, the compressor core that also possessed oneself develops ability.

Sharing bumper harvest fruit while, a few manufacturers already dispatched troops sadly, began new the market of one refrigerant year is run. 330 much stage, amplitude amount to produce and sale of accumulative total of before this year 7 months the Ge Lanshi of 18% , at present each produce a workshop still full load is run. The new breed that producing, used the technology of dc frequency conversion that has own intellectual property, environmental protection in the round technology of new cold intermediary, market of main attack high end. To it of the beauty of photograph adjacent, the fist product that rolled out below one year " Morpheus air conditioning exceeds Jing Xing " , so-called " design for the bedroom only " . The new patent that it uses the United States " new-style hind side takes wind skill " , hang machine use Jingrou air channel to design, noise allegedly but low to 24 decibel. Current, this one new product already sold greatly each in the whole nation field is formal appear on the market.
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