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Air conditioning industry is faced with new round shuffle
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Air conditioning industry is faced with new round shuffle

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: "Current, industry of our country air conditioning had walked out of situation of price tangled warfare, industry hope is broken through somewhat in the respect such as energy-saving, environmental protection. " yesterday, in annals tall air conditioning tasted a news briefing newly to go up 2008, chen Gang of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese electric home appliances
To air conditioning enterprise, calendar has broken up to was entered in August in September, mean stepped next refrigerant year. Just end in summary 2006 to refrigerant 2007 year when outstanding achievement, say of Zhang Liaoyun of chief inspector of annals tall sale: "What just ended is refrigerant the sales volume growth with year of high mark exceeds 30% , lag behind at 50% before a few years. Lag behind at 50% before a few years..

When explaining sales volume drops somewhat, zhang Liaoyun expresses, at present annals high fixed position is in high-end product, what pay attention to more is product value and science and technology. That day, mark is high rolled out next year company advocate hit " one tile bides his time " series of double energy-saving air conditioning. It is reported, arrange of international the sources of energy rolled out energy-saving proposal 2000 " one tile plans " , aim to will bide his time power comsumption falls to one tile the following.

It is reported, mark is high not only each when can produce in this company double energy-saving air conditioning affixes a country to unite can effect marks, still will affix " bide one's time energy-saving label " . But as a result of " bide one's time energy-saving " still be an industry standard at present, this kind of label can appear on annals headroom attune only. "Chinese standardization association is in and annals is run high, strive for upgrade this standard for occupation standard. Strive for upgrade this standard for occupation standard..

Chen Gang expresses finally, enterprise of domestic air conditioning is in by extensive model to technology change, the product with high content of science and technology is helpful for enterprise of our country air conditioning improving international image, be helpful for the exit of our country air conditioning. As a result of this transition, the market also is undertaking new round fall into disuse, 2007 refrigerant year end, air conditioning brand has been decreased from 400 acute 2002 reach about 25. After the industry shuffles will form finally to move a group of people of same interest by the mainstream sky that does not exceed composition of brand of 10 air conditioning.
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