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Case thrust gives first bedroom air conditioning
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Case thrust gives first bedroom air conditioning

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Recently, division power electric equipment rolls out around Morpheus theme, emphasize build a bedroom the air conditioning of environment of high grade Morpheus is tasted newly " sleep treasure " , with its multinomial technology is patent, exposed again " air conditioning course of study is coessential change " crammer.

Authoritative data shows, at present China suffers Morpheus quality to perplex a crowd with annual the speed of 3% is in growth. Division power electric equipment grips this one market just about specific requirement, design development goes " sleep treasure " , the high grade Morpheus that aims to make 1.3 billion Chinese lives.

As we have learned, "Sleep treasure " air conditioning is division force series " bedroom air conditioning " one of the product taste newly. The mode of 3 kinds of scientific Morpheus that owns own intellectual property, exceed Jing Yin function of technology, independent take a breath and 2 class can effect comparing is " sleep treasure " the largest window of bedroom air conditioning. After mode of Morpheus of this air conditioning is started, setting temperature can lift automatically hourly (when refrigeration) or reduce (when making heat) 1 degree, 2 hours perhaps keep stable after 3 hours, give a person an easy Morpheus environment; After air conditioning moves 7 hours, get up before 1 hour or so in the person namely, setting temperature can reduce 1 degree automatically again (when refrigeration) or changeless (the) when making heat, can make a person natural come to.

In addition, "Sleep treasure " returned special design " personalized Morpheus mode " , set different time paragraph the temperature of expectation, him DIY Morpheus curve, press for instance " fall asleep, sleep soundly, get up " 3 phase beforehand the temperature value with appropriate buy. And " sleep treasure " still reduce air conditioning noise to 23 decibel, it is the product that at present family expenses air conditioning decides lowest of frequency engine noise.

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