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Mark is high initiate air conditioning trade " 1 made of baked clay plan "
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Mark is high initiate air conditioning trade " 1 made of baked clay plan "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Day of annals Gao Zun rolls out 1 tile to bide one's time air conditioning, advocate course of study of domestic air conditioning to carry out " 1 tile plans " reduce air conditioning specific power consumption.

Alleged 1 tile bides his time air conditioning, it is to show the specific power consumption when air conditioning bides his time is 1 tile only. According to annals high group Zheng Zuyi introduces standing vice president, family of our country city waits for functional bad news on average to had taken total specific power consumption 10% the left and right sides. It is with air conditioning exemple, according to calculating air conditioning to bide his time on average power of specific power consumption is 3.47 tile, use 2 months calculation one year by an air conditioning, year wait for functional bad news to obtain 25 degrees of report; By the whole nation 130 million air conditioning retain quantity computation, countrywide air conditioning bides his time year of bad news report more than 3 billion degrees, be equivalent to the electricenergy production of a large hydroelectric station. If air conditioning waits for machine specific power consumption to fall 1 tile, the whole nation can omit report every year 2 billion degrees.

Zheng Zuyi discloses, mark is high the 1 tile that roll out bides his time air conditioning uses low power comsumption to need Electromechanical source technology, bide his time than groovy air conditioning province report is made an appointment with 70% . Annals high group already standardized association to submit application to China, the product paste that suggests to treat functional bad news to achieve 1 tile " bide one's time energy-saving label " , in order to show with blame bide one's time the distinction of energy-saving air conditioning.

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