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My province is used " the air conditioning that do not have end " the technology
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My province is used " the air conditioning that do not have end " the technology is energy-saving

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Achieve after the water pulverization that drop of the machine outside using air conditioning gives medicinal powder of effect of hot, environmental protection " the air conditioning that do not have end " technology, will be Chengdu citizen benefit. The reporter learns yesterday, this has entered Sichuan market by the patent invention technology of initiate of Shanghai academy of sciences, talking about collaboration with be in harmony of manufacturer of native land air conditioning production is new-style and overall matters concerned.

According to introducing, this technology is passed " cut " go traditional air conditioning the machine outdoor drips to with a tick answer then " small tail " , guide water of the drop outside these " confuse your fan " , high speed blows to boiling hot outside machine radiator, achieve result of pulverization refrigeration, energy-saving environmental protection thereby. After the patent invention of initiate of this Shanghai academy of sciences is born, it is a technology with respect to amount to just undertake with foreign capital international cooperates yield learning to grind, infiltrate the market of burning hot region that uses air conditioning middle east, North Africa, southeast Asia all the year round. Current, this technology already from family expenses model upgrade to be used to can be used at the business of the air conditioning central model.

The reporter learns, my province has introduced this technology of Shanghai academy of sciences this locality market, be in with long rainbow, deep blue wait for be in harmony of air conditioning manufacturer to talk about cooperative matters concerned. Current, management board of oil of emerald city, Sichuan had used this technology to undertake air conditioning transform, predict will energy-saving 20% the left and right sides. And introduce according to the expert, this technology can use at domestic air conditioning likewise transform, section report extent can be achieved 15% .

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