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Industry of air conditioning of 2007 refrigerant year appears 4 change greatly b
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Industry of air conditioning of 2007 refrigerant year appears 4 change greatly bureau

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: 2007 refrigerant year, air conditioning industry looks be like some smooth, be not rational sound swoon blatantly. But, pass through calm surface, we see the competition between each brand still turns white-hot, "Overmatch perseverance is stubborn, torrent hides " it is the most substaintial portraiture, all-around actual strength is performed than spelling passion. Review 2007 refrigerant year, air conditioning industry appeared 4 change greatly bureau.

Change bureau one: "Remnant person " for before king 10 forcibly occupy nearly 9 into the market

Authoritative statistic data shows inside course of study, brand of before home 10 strong air conditioning already firmly held the market share of 86.51% . Among them, division force, beautiful, the in part that the brand such as sea Er holds market share about in all. As raw material rise in price and the intense competition of manufacturer, miniature brand experience falls into disuse in the great majority in air conditioning course of study, market resource is centered to advantage brand ceaselessly. The personage inside course of study thinks, 2006-2007 year, main and active brand only remnant is controlled 25 times, miniature brand is cleaned to go out in great majority bureau, market resource is centered to advantage brand ceaselessly, the industry shuffles will form finally to move a group of people of same interest by the mainstream sky that does not exceed composition of brand of 10 air conditioning.

It is reported, up to this year in June, before air conditioning 10 strong brands all finished year to sell the assignment ahead of schedule. And before air conditioning 10 strong sale rise compared to the same period extent is far outclass sale. Among them, the air conditioning such as dragon of division force, division " big alligator " , turnover and than going up amplitude amounts to year of the corresponding period 40 % above. Beautiful, advanced brand also rises Ge Lanshi, mark considerably, brand of mainstream air conditioning is pulled further big the difference of card of the essay in mixing.

Change bureau 2: Build channel to march quickly oneself 34 class market

Air conditioning brand rises abruptly quickly from what establish channel, become this year the one large window of air conditioning market. In recent years, each air conditioning " big alligator " , not contented carry a state only the chain of countrywide home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells a sale. Increase profit to make sure sale channel safety is mixed, from original division force, go to present beauty, Ge Lanshi, annals is advanced, almost all air conditioning " big alligator " try brand shop to perhaps establish the channel pattern such as sale company in succession.
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