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Air conditioning sales volume stops drop pick up a few into finality
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Air conditioning sales volume stops drop pick up a few into finality

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Guangzhou on August 15 report (Zhu Jian) division power electric equipment (000651) announces half year report showed 2007, company business income and net gain all grow substantially first half of the year, do business among them income achieves twenty billion and fifty-two million yuan, grow 52.28 % compared to the same period; Implementation net profit 486 million yuan, grow 54.22 % compared to the same period. Before this, beautiful electric equipment (000527) also predicts amplitude of net first half of the year this year gain will achieve 100 % to come 150 % .

Experienced the industry cold winter 2006, a of 2007 big sun broke up at a draught it seems that envelop the haze on air conditioning industry. Analytic personage expresses to the reporter, the integral sales volume that weather reason causes grows is situation of air conditioning trade only to one of good reasons, industry market structure is stable, the brand is spent centrally enhancing ability is air conditioning tycoons give out in succession bright the reason of beautiful forms for reporting statistics.

Enlarge of market of calefacient air conditioning allows climate

Air conditioning course of study follows industry boom situation, have " good year " , " off year " cent, among them a critical factor is weather, and the good year that this year is air conditioning course of study without doubt.

Division force respect expresses to the reporter, be deceived awaits stability of price of growth of high speed of economy of calefacient, China, air conditioning to wait for an element to affect, course of study of Chinese air conditioning was greeted first half of the year this year long-unseen " spring " . All computation that waits for orgnaization of a few old market research according to Nuo of net of China business affairs, contest, Zhong Yikang is occupied, sales volume of Chinese air conditioning grows to be 16.49 % about compared to the same period first half of the year. Outside the sale growth that announces to realize 50 % above besides the division force of the newspaper in been release, annals high side expresses to the reporter, cadre of sale of family expenses of sign tall home already in July the first ten days of a month finishs full year job ahead of schedule, overseas sale cadre is in early the last ten-day of a month finished full year job ahead of schedule in June, global total sales compared to the same period amplitude amounted to 30 % last year.

And division dragon respect also expresses, this year 1 to May, division dragon air conditioning (000921) sales volume grows 27.1 % , sale grows 39.09 % .

The personage inside course of study thinks generally, although the final count data of this refrigerant year is not certain still, dan Jiqian two years market of domestic air conditioning appears after negative growth, sales volume of air conditioning market stops this year drop picking up already was to finality.
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