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3 tycoons challenge domestic air conditioning in the center of foreign capital p
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3 tycoons challenge domestic air conditioning in the center of foreign capital position of air conditioning overlord

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By home appliance course of study " come over " enterprise, beautiful, day of letter of Er of division force, sea, sea stands, 3 water chestnut are versed in the mainland such as sea Er reachs a joint ventures again, spend by right of brand acknowledge, the advantage of channel, enhance promotion strength, be in first half of the year this year medium or small continue to maintain rapidder growth on business of central air conditioning. Accordingly, medium or small the competitive pattern of market of central air conditioning predicts to still can produce change

The Xiaowu of company of big gold Guangzhou this paragraph of time is busy extremely. What he is in charge of is bead in the center of trigonometry area family the promotion business of air conditioning. "Have 150% ~ every year a few this years the growth of 200% . " Xiaowu is rough estimation.

As in recent years of triangle of high-grade building Pan Zaizhu, long triangle and countrywide each district roll out ceaselessly, make central air conditioning (also say " business uses air conditioning " ) the family that also begins to enter common people gradually. And besides big gold day of this one old brand endowment enterprise, division force, beautiful, in the center of the family that the enterprise of native land home appliance such as sea Er also begins encroach on to grow quickly air conditioning market.

"Dig gold " in the center of the family air conditioning market

Family expenses air conditioning " the old " division force nature won't miss good opportunity. Zhu Jianghong of president of division power electric equipment is in this year the speak bluntly on shareholder plenary meeting: "Division force is in with annals of air conditioning market to business must. " Gelihui develops business to use air conditioning market hammer and tongs, do category, norms hard all ready. The distant view target of division force lets business use air conditioning, family expenses air conditioning to be in the scale in sale of division force air conditioning 1: 1.

Tycoon of another air conditioning is beautiful, also go out again and again this year action. Took the lead in rolling out in home " in the center of the number machine of air conditioning hot water " , can centrally air conditioning undertakes refrigeration controls hot process in, deliver quantity of heat water supply, implementation " refrigeration, make heat, make hot water 3 not by accident " . The reporter understands, beautiful still will build 8 ~ in Shanghai this year 10 M-Home experience a center, in the whole nation one class city, door inn amount will achieve 50. 2009, beautiful central air conditioning establishs implementation whole nation the 500 goals that reach center of 800 similar experiences.
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