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Case Lan Shizhu promotes great change of competition of air conditioning industr
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Case Lan Shizhu promotes great change of competition of air conditioning industry

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: By " a dark horse " turn into " courser " , used only a few years short time, in 2007 refrigerant year, what air conditioning of light-wave of case orchid be an official realized your person sidelong glance is luxuriant jump litre.

Export innovates again inside tall

As since 2005 successive the air conditioning brand with top increase rate of market of two years of China, ge Lanshi was obtained again this year not the achievement of common. According to Ge Lanshi Chinese market sells Han Wei of company general manager to introduce, up to by July, ge Lanshi realizes sale gross many 330, export increases 18% compared to the same period inside, waiting for area in Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian among them is the growth that achieved to exceed 100% more. While integral sales volume grows, the sales volume of light-wave air conditioning with striking feature of healthy and energy-saving advantage also starts a promotion that is as high as 30% above.

The newest data that comes from net of China business affairs shows, grew 9.3% compared to the same period to sales volume of market of whole in May 2007 air conditioning in August 2006, compare with phase of visit trade data, growth rate of Ge Lanshi still makes a person commend; Scan widely arrives global market, case Lan Shikong moves the position of before sales volume whole world 5, also be able to consolidate further and strengthen. Somebody exclamations: Ge Lanshi of air conditioning a dark horse, finishing to arrive from epigone navigate person evolution.

Health becomes competitive main trend

Appeal to from the function of industry of whole this year air conditioning beg look, health became air conditioning enterprise to publicize the common feature of product advantage, also be the air conditioning function that great majority consumer pays close attention to most.

"Be healthy function by consumer more self-identity, light-wave air conditioning issues variety more in the air conditioning market this year, " Han Wei thinks. It is reported, light-wave air conditioning was born at research center of Ge Lanshi United States 2003, already became the pronoun of healthy air conditioning in the industry nowadays. Innovated 2007 with Ge Lanshi product " 3 delicacy of light-wave wind " series is exemple, not only have safe and efficient light wave antiseptic technology, return technology of peculiar intelligence take a breath, can detect automatically indoor air quality, resolved area of air conditioning take a breath at the same time small, time long, efficiency the difficult problem such as trouble of low, operation, simply restricts 3 minutes of time achievable " change Xian Feng " . Especially a lot of model is achieved in this series top class can effect comparing, be have both singularly inside the industry healthy, energy-saving the high-quality goods of function of two big core.
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