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Dehumidify divides tide again price of 5 tall sexes is recommended than air cond
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Dehumidify divides tide again price of 5 tall sexes is recommended than air conditioning

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Today is the three ten-day periods of the hot season the first day, although the Beginning of Autumn already count day, but a bit cannot stem heat wave blast blast will raid, plus close paragraph time thundershower also is again and again patronage, so weather becomes very fuggy, the room also becomes very damp. Come so, accelerated mould cause, make household environment harsher.

Because airy is damp, buying the air conditioning with powerful function of a dehumidify is very those who be necessary, and the ending level that handling air conditioning busy season now, the product value of each brands also has fallen into valley, so now is the optimal opportunity of skill. Below, small make up recommend 5 function to compare outstanding air conditioning product for everybody, interested friend can pay close attention to.

Air conditioning of annals tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A)

Concentration of air conditioning of annals tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A) is efficient compressor, have the effect of driving refrigeration. This air conditioning is used fight bacterium to defend counterfort technology, can filter effectively the bacterium in air, bring you healthy and fresh air. In addition, tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A) air conditioning still applied annals to optimize air channel technology completely, its are toothed wind leaf can be quite effective amortization, can from inside the implementation outside arriving is true halcyon, the noise that air conditioning movement produces falls lowest.

Air conditioning of annals tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A) is an air conditioning of 1.5 changes in temperature, its refrigeration, make hot applicable area be 14-24 and 9-16 square metre respectively. The refrigeration power of this product is 1200 tile, the power that make heat is 1230 tile, indoor machine dimension is 850×250×195 millimeter, dimension of the machine outdoor is 795×255×540 millimeter.

The editor comments on: Air conditioning of annals tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A) used technology of advanced spray paint very outstanding on the design of the exterior, and the respect is being commanded in noise also is to be able to be encircled can nod. At present this product has dropped defeat 2480 yuan. Interested friend can sell an experience greatly to each.

Air conditioning of annals tall KFR-35GW/ED(E46A) [referenced price] 2480 yuan

The pine issues E9KA1 air conditioning

Air conditioning of the E9KA1 below the pine used international environmental protection technology of new cold intermediary, use rise already environmental protection omits report again, province report can achieve 40% above, suit domestic use, it still used technology of accurate dc temperature adjustment, the room cold heat that can let you is appropriate, sufficient enjoyment lives in the life. This product still used power to show the tube, whether to save the be clear at a glance that report can see.
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