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What air conditioning is good
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What air conditioning is good

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Chase the arrival of busy season of gradual change heat, air conditioning as weather, people is older and older to the demand of air conditioning, in the meantime, to enterprise of each air conditioning, agent, raised taller requirement for respect of goods, installation, after service for be in with business, its the inadequacy offerring money of some of brand type, installation time procrastinates too longly, wait these metropolises a moment to because of,be brought for you faze, what kind of air conditioning is good, choose what kind of air conditioning brand, hope later development can have certain help to you.
One, choose central air conditioning or general air conditioning

Design of the modelling of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind of central air conditioning, installation makes the home more beautiful, their exterior design is used clipper-built, can give a person the sentiment with art; Intelligent network control is convenient let a person more save worry, it is divided outside having the network adjusting control that represents high-tech, air conditioning still has network of centre type intelligence to control a function in the center of these families, can undertake centralized controlling can undertaking terminal is controlled again already, avoided a remote controller to search be less than or be locked up instead inside the room and the difficult problem with uncontrollable air conditioning; Environmental protection is energy-saving province report more be economical, central air conditioning can turn according to the carry of indoor machine amount and indoor temperature adjustment circumstance, will realize the capacity control of compressor, accomplished the reasonable allocation that what energy uses up thereby. Also more environmental protection is more energy-saving; Air conditioning can be achieved in the center of the family extremely fast temperature adjustment, the adjustment of temperature can be finished inside the shortest time after the user issues information, can prevent air conditioning disease effectively.

Can say central air conditioning adjusts in air conditioning, energy-saving, the person's easy is measurable go up ambitious at common air conditioning, general the much bedroom house of above of 150 square metre, double entry building can consider central air conditioning, the estimation of charge of central air conditioning of 150-200 square metre wants 30 thousand yuan or so, relatively differ at price of common air conditioning bigger, so to ventilated good, the building with small area, use common air conditioning or frequency conversion air conditioning can, but should show leak everyday, in order to make the airiness, occurrence that prevents air conditioning disease to wait.
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