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How in the center of choose and buy and installation family expenses air conditi
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How in the center of choose and buy and installation family expenses air conditioning

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Air conditioning choose and buy installs 5 measure in the center of one family expenses

1. determines type of central air conditioning

Want to consider the area of the building and orientation above all, see dispute have the glazing of large area, will calculate with this coefficient is used while air conditioning is the biggest. Generally speaking, in average household environment, the cold capacity that when be being used actually, needs often is not entire room cold quantity is integrated, however under latter, former the 60%-70% that needs to achieve latter only about can. Can save investment so, avoid needless waste.

What the room needs cold quantity actually to be able to pass the following and formulary computation:

Get house of × of area of housing of cold area = actually economic rate ×65% (except wait for blame refrigeration area with kitchen, closet)

Actual place needs cold quantity = to get refrigerating capacity of area of unit of cold area × actually

Attention: Unit area refrigerating capacity changes somewhat according to particular case, family expenses is 100-150 W/m2 normally. If room Chao Na, floor is taller, perhaps have large area glazing, can raise 170-200W/m2 left and right sides appropriately.

2. decides indoor machine and a place with a draught

Decide model according to what needing fleer actually to measure volume, every room or hall need an indoor plane only or blast tuyere, if the area of the sitting room is larger, perhaps show a rectangle, can add an indoor machine or a place with a draught more. Need a or so air conditioning with every 12m2.

3. determines air conditioning position

1) the position of lead plane should be paid attention to ventilated medicinal powder heat is good, facilitating overhaul is safeguarded, at the same time the position should concealment as far as possible, the outward appearance that avoids to affect a building and noise are indoor.

2) the position of indoor machine wants and indoor decorate layout to cooperate, it is to hide commonly inside condole top, also can conceal in the coping of tall ark. General and indoor machine is ultrathin, the height that needs 25cm only can be placed. Should notice a wind is good when installation, make indoor air forms a loop, in order to assure air conditioning effect and empty temperamental quantity.

3) of pipeline decorate: The cold intermediary pipeline of cold water aircrew is finer, although outside the heat-insulation layer on the bag, also can hide conveniently rise, pipeline needs whole journey heat preservation, pipe fitting, valve and the metallic fittings that contact with pipeline want heat preservation, in case condensation water leaks, all condenser water is centered or nearby is discharged.
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