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How to give Taichun of oneself domestic traditional Chinese clothes center air c
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How to give Taichun of oneself domestic traditional Chinese clothes center air conditioning

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What is a type central air conditioning?

Call a family central air conditioning again, it is the system of independent air conditioning of a kind of miniaturization, mix in refrigeration means basic anatomical similar and large central air conditioning. Be in charge of through wind by a lead plane or cold hot conduit joins many extreme give blast tuyere to send different area gas of changes in temperature, implementation adjusts to many rooms the purpose of temperature.

As large house arisen, door air conditioning begins to enter more families in the center of type. air conditioning of family expenses of photograph comparing tradition, air conditioning is in in the center of family expenses comfortable, healthy, intelligence changes control and efficient sex respect to rise greatly, and installation more concealment, more accord with high-grade household illuminative aesthetic concept. Current, big city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, door in the center of type the demand of air conditioning with annual 70 % - the rate of 80 % rises.

But as a kind of burgeoning product, door air conditioning still is not most consumer in the center of type place is familiar, also understand the necessary knowledge when the choose and buy not much. Be in for this this period in special subject, our put up with is current the type of a type air conditioning, characteristic and point of choose and buy make the introduction one by one.

The “ when the choose and buy makes appropriate ” because of the room the most crucial

Guangdong province establishs labour designing institute the expert of place of the 5th design tells a reporter, suit to install family expenses truly the building of central air conditioning, need has the following two postulate: Violet benevolence rice of?.7 of mace of Qiu of distant of Lie of Qiao of  of post Lu of  of the Wan that owe a tax; Next the area wants quite big, gross area above of 100 square metre. The layer of the building is tall if be less than 2.7 meters, after installing central air conditioning height will be less than 2.4 meters, person place can feel “ top-heavy ” among them, influence living easy is measurable, the layer is so 2.7 meters tall the following building had better not choose central air conditioning, although install central air conditioning, also want to use the method that local condole carries on the head, avoid the oppressive feeling of large area. Door air conditioning also has particular demand to building area in the center of type, if building gross area is not worth 100 square metre, use central air conditioning not be to one's profit, common air conditioning pours can yet be regarded as below this kind of circumstance a well-advised choice.
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