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"Briny air conditioning " the project scores a success in Qingdao
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"Briny air conditioning " the project scores a success in Qingdao

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Can seawater also become the main the sources of energy of refrigeration heat addition? Yes, this is not mythological -- the reporter learns about the branch from Qingdao city now, our country sets an example first times as the air conditioning of the sources of energy with seawater the project generates electricity in China report Qingdao limited company already scored a success. Its building, for open up of refrigeration of heat addition of winter of our country foreland, summer new energy-saving channel.

According to concerning personage introduction, china report Qingdao generates electricity
The briny source air conditioning of the company is project of air conditioning of source of the first seawater of our country, always invest more than yuan 200, last year bottom building is used, after moving through half an year tries more, be confirmed already gained a success. System of air conditioning of this seawater source is " ground temperature air conditioning " one of the technology, it uses a few electric energy, collect quantity of heat and cold amount from inside seawater, achieve the goal that makes heat and refrigeration. Normally briny source air conditioning wastes the energy of 1000 tile, the user can get 3000 tile come the quantity of heat of 4000 tile or cold quantity. As a result of technology of briny source air conditioning energy-saving, environmental protection, it just collects the heat energy in seawater or cold amount, hot pump compresses aircrew to run to be used only 1/4 what be equivalent to place of movement of common air conditioning requiring electric energy, and when moving, discharge without soot and sewage already, also won't produce litter, say it is a kind of real green energy resources so. In the meantime, use seawater source warms oneself and refrigeration does not need to use up coal, oil plants, and need not remote carry quantity of heat, came true not only energy-saving, and still reduced cost greatly. Additional, with construction photograph of central air conditioning is compared, air conditioning of construction seawater source still saved many building space. The temperature of system of water of cold heat source of briny source air conditioning is stabilized relatively all the year round, this makes hot pump aircrew runs more reliable, stability. Additional, air conditioning of use seawater source already but heating, refrigeration, still can offer life hot water, sanitation to use hot water, come true " one machine is multi-purpose " .

It is reported, briny source air conditioning is about to be in Qingdao city to be popularized in the round.

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