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Look into: 2006 refrigerant of course of study of year of Chinese air conditioni
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Look into: 2006 refrigerant of course of study of year of Chinese air conditioning 4 guess greatly

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: The ding of check of year of air conditioning market just was knocked noisy 2005, enterprise of a few air conditioning is played with respect to ground of too impatient to wait march 2006 the bugle of the market. Beautiful, advanced company starts division force, new division, Aokesi, sign ahead of schedule in succession new year market, be about to pass " early start early gains " , meet the market challenge with more next year intense competition.

Below this kind of setting, can the air conditioning market of next year appear again what new change? Price general what course to follow? Exit whether wave continuously red? Frequency conversion air conditioning whether win out? Be opposite in recent years the market goes situation on the base that has an analysis, the author undertakes to development of next year market bold forecast.

Price war malfunction serves battle to upgrade

2005 refrigerant year on the market, price war did not form climate, in manufacturer absent setting falls, what initiate by each businessmen is new round of price war has lacked allure and vitality, can reduce a kind finally to make beautiful instrument only. And the development that competes as the market, of product of our country air conditioning all price system already from former 3400 yuan perch falls to inadequacy 2000 yuan. Below this kind of setting, the difference between special offer machine and average machine is already unidentified show, consumer accepts existing price system adequately already also.

Below the circumstance that has been out of order in price war, go up how should air conditioning handle stock of year of stage of close ten million that stay again? Although a lot of personages still forecast an enterprise to be able to depreciate after market of the coming year is started in succession,throw stock, but the author thinks, benefit and policy privilege are returned in what overdrew to come from a factory besides the businessman hind, the product low in storehouse of businessman of meeting general existence sells outside, the company may be positive more in development the space that finds oneself and position, emphasize firm in seek progress, won't depreciate blindly the product that production of the place when undersell raw material is in higher-priced gives.

So, what window will appear again in the market competition of next year, use the development that supports whole industry thereby?

After service will make a kind of new measure of sale. It is early by last year, division force, beautiful, manufacturer of loose coarse air conditioning all is making work formerly undertake extension on the foundation of bag period, from 3 years Bao Xiuyan grows for 6 years. This action is added greatly drama the after service of industry interior competes. In new year, as market competition window abate, more and more enterprises meet those who participate in shift of after service sale compare in going all out, come, of comprehensive strength, endurance than going all out, the central point that makes competition of market of dominant next year.
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