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The market awaits division dragon outcome
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The market awaits division dragon outcome

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: The language before making up considers Chu Jun, profess " learn technical one's previous experience, in capital market the respect can calculate a carpenter only, through fumbling, a few are built in the industry ' furniture ' just " person; In alien eye, it is the successful ace of dance of be apt to of a long on capital market sleeve however.
If say, invent Gelinkeer to make cryogen begin from 1988, to July 2000 Gelinkeer is in Hong Kong enterprise board appears on the market, time of ten years, gu Chujun finished Gelinkeer with the first hand of capital creat. So, from 2001 Gelinkeer is entered advocate industry of Chinese home appliance appears on the market electric equipment of company division dragon, inside the time that does not arrive two years, it is platform with division dragon electric equipment again, undertook a series of conformity to Chinese freezer industry, bought much home to appear on the market in succession enterprise. Dimensions was established on the capital market that considers Chu Jun to use the hand of the 2nd capital to be in China again huge industrial system, person " Gelinkeer is fastened " .
Subsequently, gu Chujun the capital force with this system, string the downstream industrial catenary on line of business of a perforative refrigeration: Used Gelinkeer and division dragon, beautiful water chestnut to realize fore-and-aft unifinication; 2 achieve transverse combination with division dragon, beautiful water chestnut. In this each strategical in be being bought, turned the competitor into the partner, pass and buy division dragon, accuse a beautiful water chestnut, the capital lever prize that applies 1 billion yuan 100 million yuan about a hundred enterprise.
But to afore-mentioned regarding <> as, him Gu Chujun says however: "Run to capital, I have an unintelligible idea only, that buys to appear on the market namely company, it advocate business Wu is taken, hold another business, achieve next match requirement, take money from the stock market again, this is the capital that I understand now is run. This is the capital that I understand now is run..
This kind of capital is run meeting because of card inspect at present to the investigation of put on record of division dragon electric equipment more fetching attention, also make the public to considering the capital of with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with runs the family name to understand somewhat. A group of today's reports never are the same as angle to go up to security market " Gelinkeer is " the phenomenon undertook understanding.

Yan Yiming: After law courtyard graduates, Hua Dongzheng went to day to study abroad 1988; 1995, judiciary and countrywide law assist exam of international communication choose obtains the lawyer to always be divided integratedly the 2nd; Sufferred judiciary to send 1998 go to Japan grinding long law solid Wu; 1999 Shanghai the partner lawyer when office of attorney of city of bright and beautiful day founds; Established office of Shanghai Yan Yiming's attorney in March 2005.
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