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Construction project occupation standard " door technology of air conditioning p
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Construction project occupation standard " door technology of air conditioning project is normative in the center of type "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Occupation standard of national construction project " door technology of air conditioning project is normative in the center of type " staff group holds water and conference of job of first time staff, already held smoothly at was in Beijing on September 22, 2004.
Technology of institute of norm of ministerial standard of construction of standard director branch, standard puts in ensemble of group of buccal unit delegate, staff 's charge advisory group attended member and the expert that comprise by the experienced expert inside the industry the conference.
Build what Lei Liying of institute of ministerial standard norm's senior engineer announced a standard formally to start, read out standard ginseng makes up unit and ginseng to make up personnel, introduced the connotation that the standard works and principal port, the important segment in work out process and work out discipline. Ask this standard can implement state law code and policy, stand on the footing of country and industry, the has normative requirement mature content in accepting new technology, new material, new technology and new facility actively, get used to our country industry the need of current condition and development, develop collective wisdom adequately, develop democracy, protect the qualitative ground that maintain a volume to finish staff job by the plan, make contribution for the industry.
Subsequently, occupation standard technology puts in buccal unit chief 's charge, build grind Rong Junming's senior engineer of courtyard division of science and technology spoke on behalf of unit putting in a mouth 's charge, build grind strong point of Wei of Xu of place of courtyard air conditioning spoke on behalf of chief editor unit.
On conference of job of first time staff, division of labor of the setting that researcher of Wei of Xu of air conditioning place introduced to weave above all, issue that plans the job, presence, job and plan.
Xu Wei's researcher introduced a type above all the development of the air conditioning central is forecasted with foreground, as a result of the abidance of property of economic development, residence the city of high speed development, our country changes the strategy of process and national energy resources and environmental protection and policy, door air conditioning development is rapid in the center of type, foreground is considerable.
Door in the center of type the produces a business component of air conditioning is two large a group of people of same interest, in the center of the old brand that is a tradition firstly air conditioning enterprise, it is business of traditional old brand home appliance secondly; Some mainland on the product are made, also have exotic joint-stock perhaps breed, put in diversity on concept and mode; Door the use stand or fall of air conditioning is involved again in the center of type product, design, construction is installed and move safeguard, every segment appears possibly problem, trade public figure thinks the use stand or fall of central air conditioning is a type " 7 minutes of 3 minutes of products, installation " . Door the question that air conditioning project appears in recent years in the center of type is very much, only 2004, quality of equipment of national air conditioning is supervised examine the center already carried on to count decathlon to concern a type the forensic ruling of central air conditioning is entrusted, door air conditioning already made central point of the issue inside current job in the center of type.
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