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System of heating of new efficient and energy-saving environmental protection co
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System of heating of new efficient and energy-saving environmental protection comes out

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: On November 16, high-tech of heat energy of new to Beijing world develops academician of part of organization of seminar of Chinese the sources of energy, expert limited company Professor Ming Shaofu develops " ZGM " system of efficient and energy-saving heating had identification. Experts think, this is system of heating of heat addition of a relatively advanced kind of new-style environmental protection on international, technical achievement is in international advanced level.

According to introducing, system of this kind of heating with compound and chemical medium " ZGM " conduct labour to pledge for heat, with " ZGM " efficient and energy-saving technology is rely on, the pledges for labour with water heat that broke a tradition conducts pattern. According to detecting the result shows: This system and photograph of system of traditional heat addition are compared can save 40%-50% of the sources of energy, reduce urban water consumption greatly. This technology applies to workshop of farm of birds of agricultural conservatory big canopy, cultivate, factory, storehouse, dormitory, army, barracks, mechanism, school extensively, special apply to concentration to collect thaw sheet door villatic heating. The expert thinks, range of this systematic application is wide, foreground is considerable.

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