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Buy circuit
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Buy circuit

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A: Pick a brand
When product of your choose and buy, want to decide place buys the brand of the product above all, different brand is the product of different class. For instance York is entrance brand, the price of the high quality scales in belonging to has with what it stands side by side Maikeweier and especially clever, this belongs to one class. Also have more of high quality scales like big gold, or choose card of home made product to be like sea Er, Tsinghua to just wait together.

If your fixed position is,be in in high quality scales, undertake in these a few brands valence is compared yield moral character.
Recommend: Foreign brand has York, Maikeweier, Mu of especially benefit, big gold, clever, Reynolds person, luck, top is cold etc, domestic brand has sea Er, Tsinghua to be the same as square, elegant static, day is added, wait for a brand beautifully.
The brand is the identity not only is indicative, more important is it has perfect after service system, the brand that has chosen chooses good service namely.

B: Anthology be in business
Each brand runs way in the sale of each district is to have concerns of such an administrative levels, above all: Setting an agency, agency sets one class agency and business of store up money. 2 class agent can be set below one class agency, agency does not make family expenses market, accredit gives agency, choose only or a few have actual strength agency, regard one class as agent or total agent, in order to make sure system of a complete set of is run. Outstanding agency has actual strength relatively after construction, installation and carry out. Because central air conditioning is the thing of semi-manufactured goods, need has the installation team with excellent installation, what just can assure air conditioning system is normal move. Say in early days investment and later period are compared so, it is very important to choose one good agency, be a kind assure for a long time, use dependable also.
Recommend: Have the distributors that installs aptitude.

C: Product type selecting
According to the user door model structure, area and room use a function, choose model. Product classification has wind to provide machine of hot water of type system, cold / and much more online system, respective advantage has introduced in air conditioning knowledge. The user is OK oneself economic condition, use hobby, door model the air-conditioner group with the right choice such as structure and area, in order to satisfy the license to air conditioning.
Recommend: Combine oneself knowledge, listen to the opinion of distributors.

D: Design
The design also is crucial, this among them when the technology is contained very tall, should select professional team more, because want a consideration with technical parameter is more, room area, use function, front, layer is advanced wait for element of a department, and how is air conditioning lead plane decorated in the center of family expenses, the metropolis such as systematic alignment affects refrigeration result. Say to must have one so air conditioning system decorates blueprint in the center of reasonable design program and family expenses, be opposite in professional technical staff only door model undertake design, type choosing matchs, cold two after deserving to compare, fangke undertakes installing. A few small companies for managing expenditure, design staff without major, go completely according to fission machine apply mechanically, this affected the market not only, also produce misdirect to the user, the pecuniary loss that causes an user even and time are wasteful.
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