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How to choose family expenses central air conditioning
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How to choose family expenses central air conditioning

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: In the center of user choice family expenses air conditioning, basis of main type selecting is:
1, sheet offers program in all for cold or cold heat
If there is independent heating system in household, can unite air conditioning and heating demand rise. Heat source can use hot pump, electric heat or hot water. Hot water can yield by boiler of alone family expenses hanging, but cannot use heating of hot pump heat source independently in north in the winter;

2, household structure and decorate a design
In the center of family expenses the installation of air conditioning must be resided with the home structure and decorate a design to combine ability satisfactorily to develop effect to show high elegance again already, beautiful and easy;

3, function of other air conditioning
If add the function such as wet, new wind;

4, power supply condition
Should consider power supply source (single-phase or three-phase) , capacitance (power supply cord and kilowatt-hour meter) limitation;

5, the price
Choose the design program with good performance/price ratio.
Air conditioning plan basically is to point to choose model (wind canal and water system all) , effective way (how cloth is in charge of) , special function (heating, new wind, add wet) , the control program of each room. After type is certain, want to determine the type of the machine according to cold quantity bear.
The cold quantity bear in air conditioning design and send wind force to be able to refer to next watches.
Cold bear of room type air conditioning (W/m2) send wind force (M3/h·m2)
Apartment and apartment 75-95 10-14
Average house 75-95 10-14
Area of office building interior 85 15-18
Hotel room (single person) every 1700 14-18
Hotel room (two-men) every 2600 14-18
Dining-room 150-265 or his 700 46-64

The front of the room, outside wall structure, housetop structure, use number and indoor heat source (wait like electric equipment) will affect cold bear to measure greatly. Additional, the cost cold amount of room carrying a layer on the head should compare cost of other layer room cold amount is large.

Choose family expenses the key of central air conditioning is definite plan. Same property can make different air conditioning plan, the effect of different program, price differs very big. Because this chooses family expenses,Shi Yinggen of the air conditioning central occupies oneself characteristic, option price performance compares good program.

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