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Fountainhead heats up pump introduction
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Fountainhead heats up pump introduction

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Technology of fountainhead hot pump is to if groundwater, river is mixed,use source of water of earthly surface shallow-layer laky in absorption solar energy and ground heat energy and the low temperature that form is low a heat energy resource, use hot pump principle, pass a few input of exalted electric energy, implementation is low a kind of technology that heat energy transfers to exalted heat energy.

Fountainhead of earthly surface shallow-layer if the river with the groundwater in 1000 meters of less than, upper deepness and laky with ocean in, absorbed the sun to enter the radiation energy of the earth that comparative, and the temperature of fountainhead is average very stable. Principle of work of unit of fountainhead hot pump is the quantity of heat in summertime general building in diverting source of water, because fountainhead temperature is low, take away quantity of heat OK and efficiently so, and winter, draw energy from inside fountainhead, by hot pump the principle adopts air or water serves as carry cryogen to promote temperature evacuation to arrive in the building.

Fountainhead hot pump was to use the solar energy resource of deposit of place of earthly water system to serve as cold heat source, have the system of heating air conditioning of energy changeover. The water system that can use among them, the river that includes groundwater or river, upper share and laky and marine. Aircrew of fountainhead hot pump is available winter of water system temperature is spent for 12-22, water system temperature is higher than ambient air temperature, heat up what pump circulates to evaporate so temperature rises, can effect comparing also rises. And summertime water system is spent for 18-35, water system temperature is lower than ambient air temperature, so the condensing temperature of refrigeration is reduced, can effect comparing also rises. Fountainhead heats up pump system but heating, air conditioning, still can supply life hot water, one machine is multi-purpose, a system can replace original boiler to add the two suit buy of air conditioning or system.

Fountainhead heats up pump to regard a kind of new-style refrigeration heating as means, from technical angle, looking on the angle that heats up pump aircrew especially ought to be quite mature, those who do not have a problem. But a series of elements such as the water quality that heats up the pump technology influence to the environment, water that answer fill considering fountainhead and difference in temperature can cause major effect to the environment, arrive to be at present to, still the answer with clear neither one.

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