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The characteristic of much more online air conditioning
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The characteristic of much more online air conditioning

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Current, manufacturer of domestic air conditioning had rolled out much more online family expenses central air conditioning, the product appeared on the market to get the favour of broad consumer.

As we have learned, much more online air conditioning is a kind brand-new notional air conditioning, a variety of new and high technologies such as much technology of its collect lug, intelligent control technology, multiple healthy technology, energy-saving technology and network control technology at a suit, it can satisfy consumer to wait for the requirement of the respect to comfortable sex, convenient sex, as empty as the tradition phase modulation is compared, have distinct advantage. Investment is little. Compare with photograph of air conditioning of much stage family expenses, it uses a machine outdoor only, installation is convenient and beautiful, and invest little.

Control goes to the lavatory neatly. It can achieve each centralized administration of indoor machine, use network control. Can start an indoor accident to go alone, also but many indoor machine is started at the same time, make control more quick and energy-saving.

Take up the space is little. Only a machine outdoor can put park building to support, its structure is compact, beautiful, economic space.

Grow tubing, tall fall. Much more online can realize tubing of train in excess specified length 125 meters of installation, indoor machine fall can amount to 50 meters, the fall between two indoor machine can achieve 30 meters, installation is optional, accordingly convenient.

Adoption indoor machine can choose all sorts of norms, design can match freely. It and general photograph of central air conditioning is compared, avoided general an all opens central air conditioning, and the question with can big bad news, it is more accordingly energy-saving. In addition, automation control avoided general the problem of computer room of appropriative of need of central air conditioning and guard of person specially assigned for a task.

In the center of family of network of much more online intelligence another of air conditioning the biggest characteristic is, it is OK a machine outdoor drives many indoor machine, and can carry the network of its network terminal interface and computer be linked together, practice the long-range control that moves to air conditioning by the computer, satisfied the pursuit of contemporary information society to network home appliance, accordingly, air conditioning makes product of air conditioning of new century mainstream necessarily in the center of network of family of much more online intelligence.

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