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In the center of family expenses the classification of air conditioning
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In the center of family expenses the classification of air conditioning

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Relative to the type of air conditioning of dispersive type family expenses at the tradition character, family expenses is small-sized central air conditioning has energy-saving, comfortable, capacity adjustment convenient, noise is low, oscillatory small, do not destroy the outstanding advantage such as building exterior. Accordingly, it got the favour of the market takes seriously with what produce manufacturer. Abroad is begun earlier in the job of this respect, the United States and Japan are in early 7, 80 time already began abundantly application namely family expenses is small-sized system of central air conditioning. From inside 90 time later period begins, our country began the research in this respect and development, already had successful project application. A lot of home's well-known air conditioning company realizes the value of this one market gradually, increase strength to have the development of relevant product and production.

Central air conditioning is the systematic type that treats air conditioning bear centrally, its are cold / quantity of heat is to pass certain medium to carry what go in air conditioning room. According to family expenses small-sized the transportation of central air conditioning of medium different, common family expenses is small-sized central air conditioning can be divided into the following 3 kinds of main type.

1, wind provides type system
System of wind canal type is with air carry medium, the principle of air conditioning system is basic and same in the center of its principle and large complete air. It uses the lead plane outdoor to produce cold / quantity of heat centrally, will from indoor bring a wind that answer (or those who answer wind and new wind mix wind) after having cooling gal heat treatment, send a person again indoor eliminate thermic load of cold / of its air conditioning.

The photograph is small-sized to the family expenses of other type of the air conditioning central, the investment at the beginning of system of wind canal type is lesser. If fetching new wind, its air quality can get bigger improvement. But the air of system of wind canal type is defeated match systematic place to take up building space is larger, general requirement residence should have bigger layer tall. And it is used unite the kind that sends wind, changing below circumstance of wind force endmost, satisfy the air conditioning bear with different different room to ask hard. And change wind force endmost is fetching will make of system of whole air conditioning investment increases greatly first.

2, aircrew of cold / hot water
The transportation of aircrew of cold / hot water medium is water or glycol solution normally. It produces clean to move cold / hot water through the lead plane outdoor, carry by pipeline system to indoor each extreme plant, terminally device is in cold / hot water and indoor air to undertake quantity of heat is exchanged, generation gives cold / sirocco, eliminate negative charge of room air conditioning thereby. It is a kind of concentration produces cold / quantity of heat, but the type of air conditioning system that treats each room negative charge dispersedly.
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