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Instruct you a few court, help your save money
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Instruct you a few court, help your save money

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The first action: The temperature with appropriate set. When refrigeration, had not installed low temperature, if move room temperature to 26-27 to spend, its are cold bear can reduce 8% above. Carry out a proof, to sit quietly or the person that spend labor gently, room temperature maintains spend in 28-29, relative humidity maintains in 50-60% , the person does not feel fuggy, also won't perspire, it should belong to comfortable sex limits. The person is when Morpheus, metabolization quantity reduces 30-50% , but archives of switch of Morpheus of air conditioning locate, setting temperature is 2 degrees high, can obtain section report 20% ; Winter makes heat, temperature setting is low 2 degrees, also but section report 10% .

The 2nd action: Screen pack wants to often be cleaned. Too much dirt is met plug mesh, make air conditioning double and arduous.

The 3rd action: The maintenance that improves a room structure. Poorer to the door window structure of a few rooms, crack is larger, can do all acute to improve:

The 4th action: Choose the air conditioning of ability moderate. The air conditioning with insufficient capacity of a refrigeration, cannot provide enough refrigeration result not only, still can make because the machine is long uninterrupted movement, raise use breakdown possibility, can give an user with bad news report big, power is not worth etc not the impression of beautiful. Power of a refrigeration crosses big air conditioning, can make air conditioning constant temperature implement too frequent switch, those who bring about pair of compressor wear away increase; In the meantime, build those who become report of air conditioning bad news to increase.

The 5th action: Prevent sun point-blank. In the summer, obscure solar point-blank, but section report is made an appointment with 5% .

The 6th action: Door window is closed when opening air conditioning. Air conditioning room does not open the door again and again, in order to reduce hot air infiltration; Open new air door less to need not open new air door when flavour of indoor as good as, can save the energy of 5-8% .

The 7th action: Give moderate of height of blast tuyere adjustment. The baffle when making heat is down, level of the baffle when refrigeration, the effect is better.

The 8th action: The tubing of air conditioning is short and do not bend, refrigeration effect is good and do not expend report.

The 9th action: Give blast tuyere to keep smooth. Do not pile up big furniture is held back medicinal powder hot, increase report of meaningless bad news.

The 10th action: Close air conditioning ahead of schedule. Before leaving home ten minutes, close air conditioning namely, can save electric energy. If 10 action used your above, so congratulation you, you not only the summer that the newspaper has a cool and refreshing Shu Shuang, a big money still is left in the pocket.
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