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Switch on the mobile phone correctly and stop chance method
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Switch on the mobile phone correctly and stop chance method

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All sorts of family expenses air conditioning implement of electric equipment control plate decorate form and adoption method endless and identical, functional setting has many little, but operation method is basic and same. Ought to be familiar with air conditioning implement all sorts of functions and use, so that master air conditioning correctly implement switch on the mobile phone and stop chance method. No matter be a hand,be remote controller operation, air conditioning implement switch on the mobile phone the operation is as follows basically:

Ask according to air conditioning and use a requirement, choose the run mode of air conditioning, be like refrigeration, make hot, dehumidify or ventilated etc. This should press air conditioning only implement the run mode that go up chooses key option.

Set temperature, adjust the temperature value of attemperatior. When general refrigeration moves, limits of temperature cost set is in 20-30 ℃ . When making heat move, limits of temperature cost set is in 14-27 ℃ , the temperature value of place set is to point to air conditioning implement the temperature that answer wind or room temperature. Whether can compressor run to examine, the set when refrigeration is worth should under indoor at that time temperature, prep above answers when making heat indoor at that time temperature. Such air conditioning implement after switching on the mobile phone, can judge compressor to whether can move normally.

After overfulfil is operated, open air conditioning implement, air conditioning implement can run normally by the run mode of make choice of.

After opening accident to go, adjust according to needing to be able to be passed wind force switch will adjust air conditioning implement refrigeration (hot) quantity. General air conditioning implement refrigeration (hot) the adjustment of the quantity all obtains air program through changing wind force (air conditioning of frequency conversion type implement it is to adjust) of compressor rotate speed. Window type air conditioning implement general setting has strong cold with weak cold or strong heat and weak hot knob, knob on strong cold (hot) or weak cold (hot) , actual it is to adjust wind force is tall wind force or small wind force. Fission type air conditioning implement set commonly on used remote controller tall, counteract low 3 archives wind speed offers an alternative. Can depend on indoor temperature requirement, through adjusting air conditioning implement wind speed archives will achieve the goal that move section refrigeration or makes heat.

It is with refrigeration operating mode exemple, air conditioning implement after opening accident to go, may appear the following two kinds of circumstances: It is air conditioning implement compressor leaves stop frequent, and indoor thermal drop does not come down; 2 it is indoor temperature too low already, and air conditioning implement compressor does not quit movement. The temperature set value that this may be attemperatior is incorrect (too tall or too low) . Should adjust appropriately temperature set value, make indoor temperature achieves a requirement to be worth, avoid air conditioning thereby implement of compressor leave often stop or room temperature error is too big.
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