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U.S. Joint Group of Central Air Conditioning in hand to build energy-efficient
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It is understood that the U.S. group has maintained a steady, fast growth this year predicted that the annual sales revenue will exceed 110 billion yuan; and five in the second period, determined to 2015 sales of more than 2,000 billion, "a U.S. re- the "overall strategic objectives. Strategic planning group in the United States of traction, the United States and the central air conditioning from 2008 the first long-term stable domestic market share, the number one export market position. Central air conditioning in 2010 the United States has exceeded 60 billion sales, a new record high, and rising market share. For the upcoming 2011, the United States in one fell swoop the central air conditioning is proposed to double sales revenue goals. Group of the U.S. central air-conditioning refrigeration appliance division president Tian Ming forces introduced at the signing ceremony, the U.S. central air-conditioning of existing Shunde, two major production bases in Chongqing, the third production base in Hefei base is under construction, scheduled to be completed end of 2011, when U.S. production capacity of central air conditioning reached 200 billion yuan. Joint Investment Group is a national real estate development in China have a level, housing construction general contracting, construction general contracting of municipal qualification of large enterprise groups, opened in 2000 to develop into real estate in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong , Anhui and other markets. At the signing ceremony, in addition to signing a strategic cooperation agreement, the first project of bilateral cooperation Hua Xu? Fortune Center site also signed the contract, the project's central air conditioning dealers by the United States the Swiss Electric Company and the China Investment Group Taicang Triple Kay Fung Properties LLC signed. Hua Xu? Wealth centers total construction area of 1,398,860,000 square meters, and its functional position to build the shopping, business entertainment, leisure and entertainment business in one area. America's central air conditioning will provide 2,000 million for the project's products and services, including central air conditioning units, air to water machines, industrial washing machines, building automation and other products. It is understood, Joint Investment Group in Jiangsu Province will start a series of investment projects, while the United States supporting the central air conditioning to be the best supplier. Since cooperation is of great significance, Suzhou, Taicang City and local leaders to participate in Zhangjiagang City, and the talks the two sides signing ceremony, said the combination of the two companies support and encouragement. Learned that from 2004, the U.S. central air conditioning and Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa Property Group join forces to carry out close cooperation in the industry chain, then, has cooperated with China Vanke, Agile, Country Garden, 100 and other real estate giant sun formed a strategic partnership. Central air conditioning because the United States the outstanding contribution in the real estate industry, second to be awarded the "Best Real Estate Supplier Award" On this partnership, Tian Ming forces, "said the future opportunities and challenges facing the United States and the central air-conditioning and triple investment group will forge ahead, continuing innovation, to create a comfortable and energy efficient built environment for our people to create a more 'beautiful' life. "
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