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Yangtze central air-quality products in 2011 continued to strengthen
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Yangtze central air conditioning will continue to strengthen in 2011, quality products, strong expansion of basic products, to the base product for the market share of services in order to build competitive products for the regional brand image of the vendors, the company and vendors in the market for the combined two First, the flame together to complete the market. "We will gradually build in some regions with the dealer base market. Base market is gradually stable, expanding, not only make the Yangtze to the rapid development of its own central air conditioning, but also will enable dealers and our common development and growth." Said Wang Jianjun "We will further standardize its sales system, establish and improve sales management system, establish a customer-centric sales specification system, combined with the imminent implementation of CRM systems, sales management and service system to a new level, faster and better to provide strong support for the market. " Original aim. Regardless of how the transformation of business ideas, provide users with "cost-effective than the best" product marketing concepts, central air-conditioning work is still the major premise of the Yangtze. Next year, the Yangtze in central air conditioning will continue to advance the objective of maximizing customer value marketing system, the focus of the customer as a marketing and product solutions to provide a reasonable and satisfactory services to the entire distribution chain, and comfortable shopping experience.
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