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Glanz led China Refrigeration Expo Central air conditioning
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2010 China International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (Hangzhou) Fair on November 19 -21 at Hangzhou, to carry out a grand, central air conditioning Galanz build a strong super-popular hot special booth, viewers like clouds. Glanz red hue to the main stand, to coincide with the occasion of launch Chang'e II victory, the concept space suit, sleek minimalist booth highlighted parts everywhere a sense of fashion sense and technology. Showcase machines placed around the blue planet patchwork, a huge figure standing over the cube, symbolizing the central air conditioning Galanz idea of a "total solution of digital energy" technology to lead the green energy trend, the deep background of moral Star Chart endless technological innovation . Central air conditioning, according to Glanz Minister Li Zhuohua R & D Description: Since the end of 2009, the Ministry launched a technology prototype exhibition planning, development and testing, the balance of the ten new exhibitors are independent research and development, have reached the advanced level , where three new frost-free solar heat pump, 3in1 series of round residential units, fluorine-free DC new frequency performance of several new models, the perfect interpretation of the Galanz after another following the first light sterilization technology: Digital Energy All the charm of the program. Air-conditioning industry has been the winter defrost problem, and after the combination of solar technology defrost, air conditioning, from "A World without cream" comparison test shows that solar energy than the average frost-free air conditioning in the winter more than 30% efficiency. Observing the pattern, a machine to meet the various needs of customers. -20 ℃ Ultra-low temperatures, can still stable supply of hot water, cold northern land to enjoy the same warmth of the heat pump. If you can go to waste when the air conditioning and refrigeration utilize the waste heat, hot water heating, use of a machine, water heater can save! 3in1 all-around household unit series, so in the past can only be used in large commercial projects in the waste heat from air conditioning into the ordinary people use technology at home. Comprehensive upgrade of the fluorine-free DC new frequency, and its ultra-low temperature, low acoustic and low frequency "3D" 180 ° rotating wave technology is used, making the unit operation level of stability and energy-saving machine is much higher than in the line. The awards ceremony on the evening of 19, after a rigorous selection committee, Glanz central air conditioning with excellent ability in technological innovation, be welcomed, gold appreciable gains in one fell swoop of the "energy-saving and Technology Innovation Award", to encourage Glanz R & D in new technology contribution. Glanz central air-conditioning technology, said Chief Engineer Cai Xinguo: Technical lead the life, scientific and technological innovation has been upheld by Glanz road. We fully consider the different needs of customers, providing high-quality digital products and complete energy-saving central air conditioning solutions and the most optimized, customized services to meet customer requirements. Our products and technologies, including government, institutions, enterprises, large venues and home users to make their own contributions. We are firmly walking in a world-class central air conditioning products and service providers on the road.
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