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U.S. telecommunications giant into the central air conditioning brand designat
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U.S. home appliance giant in the communications industry, add another exciting development in the history of the pen. November 14 morning, the U.S. and China Unicom headquarters in Shunde in the United States signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the U.S. air-conditioning will be the purchase of China Unicom designated one room air conditioner brands, which marked the development of the United States will be air-conditioned room to a new level. Day, the U.S. chairman and CEO of electrical and Fang Hongbo Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom in-depth talks and to further promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides reached agreement on moving forward. Industry experts said that the U.S. success in the communications market, from the United States for several years on the air-conditioned room tireless deep secret agents. Faced with broad market space, the United States highlight its own advantages, continue to strengthen the U.S. air conditioning in the room the four leading edge - the core of innovative technology, excellent product quality, excellent environmental performance, improve the service to gain a solid market position. Demanding quality and innovation in the computer room air conditioning leap forward U.S. Base stations required for the air conditioning is very demanding professional quality. A large number of base stations in the run-time precision instruments requires a lot of heat, the environment must ensure constant temperature and humidity; and because unattended, air conditioners, must be guaranteed 365 days 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. In addition, air conditioning, but also have a powerful remote control function, automatic power failure recovery, and other fine functional requirements. It is understood that only the United States and a handful of air conditioning companies have the ability to produce such products. "With the United States for many years in the civilian air-conditioning and central air conditioning on the accumulation of technology, coupled with a complete core package of air-conditioning manufacturing technology, computer room air conditioning into the United States has laid a good foundation." Bo Fang said. In the computer room air conditioning, the United States has experienced from the comfort of air conditioning to a network of ordinary rotation function of air-conditioning, to energy-efficient air conditioning base station, precision air conditioning technology development process. In the large central air conditioning home air conditioning and technical advantages to the effective transfer and replication, while room air conditioners, products for the telecommunications industry and application specific characteristics of demand, the United States developed strong R & D system and the ability of professional products, the product provides a strong protection. It is understood that, in 2004, the United States entered the room air conditioner market, after years of market accumulation, the United States has formed a precision computer room air conditioning air conditioning, energy-efficient base station air-conditioning, heat transfer products and ventilation products such as the four series. The strength of technology, the United States in the field of computer room air conditioning line of attack, highlight continued. Not long ago at the 2010 China International Exhibition on the United States to bring precision constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning, high efficiency air-conditioning thermostat base stations, base stations, such as fresh air heat exchanger core technology, innovative products with stunning debut by a wide range of operators attention. 39% 25% saving energy in the room air to lead the United States Environmental peak Recently, the seventh session of the Fifth Plenary Session in Beijing closed, second five-year plan into focus, "Transformation of Economic Development" will become an important national policy reform in the next five years are fully enhanced. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's telecommunications industry, "green energy" has gradually become an important future work of the communications industry concerns. Lu Yimin, said China Unicom has always been committed to the development of green communications, the concept of saving and environmental protection throughout the details of the work required for each, which coincides with the corporate philosophy of beauty, beauty products, energy-saving air conditioning very good quality and environmental performance and the constant pursuit of admirable service. According to the survey, the current telecommunications industry as a whole is 73% of energy generated by the base station power consumption, which accounted for 46% of the base station air-conditioning power consumption, but also in the communications room, the precision air-conditioning power consumption also accounted for 34%, therefore, reduce the room air conditioner energy consumption has become an urgent need for operators to solve the problem. U.S. Central Air Conditioning Division president Tian Ming forces, told this reporter that the U.S. air-conditioning on product energy efficiency, sensible heat ratio, air flow and other key technology continues to research, while increasing and internationally renowned manufacturers of cooperation, in the refrigeration product energy efficiency, can be controllability, to achieve a breakthrough in high-quality, especially in the energy performance of outstanding projects in the U.S. test trial, the United States an average of 24 hours of base station air-conditioning power consumption 30.9KW, saving 25% energy saving integrated precision air-conditioning energy saving efficiency is as high as 39%. Room air conditioner to run the United States for its stability, energy professional, and customer demand for customized solutions provided by the good nature won all the appreciation. It is reported that in 2010 the United States by China Energy Conservation Association, central air conditioning as a "contribution to China's top ten energy companies," while the only elected for two consecutive years as "excellent supplier communications industry" top ten air-conditioning business. Professional services created the brand share of the United States more than 40% room air-conditioning As we all know, good service has become the brand cultivate and improve the reputation of the key factors. Since most of the base station located at a remote telecommunications industry, away from residential areas, so as to win a professional and timely service operators an important factor in favor. The "service" is the beauty of one of the core competitive advantages, the U.S. urban and rural air service network throughout the country, this service in a timely manner to address the problem of laying a solid foundation. And, room air-conditioning equipment is more complicated by the failure to be professionally trained service personnel to be resolved, the United States the advantage of using a sound service network will be effectively promoted the standardization of training and assessment, so that the air conditioning in the United States in terms of professional services are protection. At present, this mechanism has become a model for the industry. Fang Hongbo stressed that "professional, stable and efficient" is the computer room air conditioning in the United States adhere to the concept of long-term future, the United States in the communications industry through the continuous development of related fields to provide professional refrigeration system solutions and products, broken monopoly of foreign brands in the field relative to the market structure for domestic air-conditioning brand has won the right to speak. It is understood that the U.S. market is very optimistic about the development of computer room air conditioning, room air conditioners as a breakdown of the industry, continue to strengthen the input. Currently, the United States has with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other telecommunications giants form a strategic partnership. In 2010, the United States will reach sales of room air-conditioning more than eighty thousand sets, and an annual growth rate of 30%, the current market share of 40% or more.
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