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Central air-conditioning market in 2010 China Wind
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In several years of rapid growth in 2009, central air-conditioning market in the fall. Even a strong brand in Europe and America, the four major brands (York, Trane, Carrier, McQuay), in addition to Trane, and the remaining three have varying degrees of decline, the three major foreign brand fell at the same time, sufficient to show facing the industry market test, however, central air-conditioning business on the local opportunity is not a bad idea. "09 with the central air-conditioning industry as a whole declined slightly compared to 2008, the export decline is relatively large, some of our domestic sales of imported brands to understand is that the drop is relatively larger, the growth rate of domestic brands Or can the "Ningbo Aux Electrical Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Hu Yuan describes the development of Oaks's remarks over the past year, but also a portrayal of the majority of domestic brands. Affected by economic crisis, first half of 2009 market sluggish external demand, domestic investment also appears weakened, reducing the project, construction planning an extension, coupled with the weak housing market and a series of factors make the first half of central air-conditioning market in the doldrums, and later as the country 4 trillion yuan stimulating domestic demand, boost, central air conditioning enterprises to actively adjust the strategy, deployment, market is gradually picking up. Data show that in 2009, central air-conditioning market total sales of about 34.5 billion the amount of overall shipments declined slightly from 2008, showing sales up slightly, sales decline, "the amount of increase in volume reduction" phenomenon. 34.5 billion in the size of the market, the domestic brands in the collective market share of central air conditioning and foreign brands have been flat, the top 5 companies in the central air conditioning industry, domestic brands have begun to take advantage of the long-term challenge American and European brands. Industry analysts believe that the formation of domestic and foreign brands to rival the trend, thanks to convenient services and flexible strategy. While central air conditioning industry, foreign brands to enter earlier than domestic enterprises, but with the domestic brands, power and continued to narrow the technology gap, coupled with the channel and the cost advantage, with more convenient service, reasonable prices and the improving technology, achieved good growth. From the Oaks last year's excellent performance, Hu Yuan said, "I think from the long-term trend, domestic brands will certainly occupy in the industry, more and more market share, which is a big trend, as the industry matures, the future have more resources to channel resources and supply chain manufacturers will gradually form a competitive advantage, and ultimately the industry structure will be close to them. " In addition, multi-category online to become a central air-conditioning a strong rise in the Army. As the domestic consumer habits, and more online in 10 years time has made great progress. In 2009, more than the overall size of the online products, about 96 million, the market downturn in the industry, the contrarian up, an increase of 2.8 billion. Frequency and more mainstream online share of the central air conditioning by the 26.6% growth in 2008 to 27.8%, has become one of the largest central air-conditioning category. More Lianji dominate in the market, but also makes Guochan brands began to foreign brands in the niche areas of the force, including Gree, Midea, Haier, Oaks and many other companies are eyeing the field of frequency multi-Lian Ji . In April 2009 the China Refrigeration Show, Oaks to showcase its industry's first DC inverter modules in parallel infinite number associated with a maximum of up to 19 ℃ in the secondary cooling technology, not only to ensure long with tube, high drop reliable operation of parallel oil pipeline between modules without the patent oil control, but the first to achieve infinite parallel, taking into account the actual situation, it also has precise household billing functions for the building's air conditioning division Chuzu have provided cost-sharing humane solutions. Both the industry as a whole or partial product market areas, central air-conditioning market is not difficult to find "Chinese power," more powerful. Flexible response, more flowering Domestic brands account for Banbi industry landscape in the market, in addition to technological advances in the strategic flexibility is also key. And industry leading foreign brands occupy the dominant position of the situation in different sales channels and home air conditioning because there is overlap in the cell unit (wind machine, ceiling machine) area, the domestic "home department" corporate position of absolute dominance. With the existing high-quality channels, the unit machine market in 2009 "home system" gains quite good. Such as the Oaks, the platform extended to central air conditioning appliances business strategies in the development of "Shuang Shouzhua." On the one hand continue to extend to the professional field, the introduction of the module, screw machine, modular unit, DC inverter's product development expertise, while not relaxing "home system" dominant position in the unit machine market, with the air conditioner platform is very close to home product line as a breakthrough. Hu Yuan said: "The central air-conditioning industry has its own characteristics, the introduction of x module, flooded water-cooled screw machine, modular DC inverter of the unit, is the Oaks to an important step in advancing the field of specialization. Oaks Group 09 fiscal year revenues of more than 200 billion, the overall strength of the promotion, and management of the Group's commercial air conditioning segment attached great importance to the large central air-conditioning for the Oaks development provides a strong backing. with a strong group resources relying on the introduction of professional and technical personnel to increase efforts to increase the hardware investment, is the Oaks next two years, central air conditioning, "inner strength" main direction of the project. Our manager Mr. Jiang Canhua a famous saying: do not go how to control opponents, we to do is constantly look at ourselves, are we ready? " In distinguishing between the general government procurement market, with the transparency of the procurement process to bidding as the main mode of government procurement market, but also more and more become the central air-conditioning business arena. Procurement of Jiangsu Province in 2008 the overall size of over 60 billion yuan, of which about 300 million yuan for the purchase of air conditioning. Although no national statistics the actual size of the government procurement market, but a piece of "cake" delicious enough for company coveted degree. In addition the government procurement market was less affected, the use of fiscal funds are secure, from the robustness of the risk is also small, behind the huge interest, government procurement, word of mouth brought immeasurable benefits but also the domestic brands in the operation of government procurement projects price elasticity of space on the project, agents of the support both from the price or technical aspects are more advantages. Even key landmark project "does not make money have to win," the courage. Of course, the government procurement market more weight to the "word of mouth" effect. Often in some of the established system, in accordance with established procedures, such as government agencies, hospitals, a project linked to do a follow-up is strong, but to other aspects of the project design and planning to succeed, first of all must be designed to Hospitals, research institutions, experts and scholars and other professional recognition channels. "To get recognized experts in the key is to have a good product, an enterprise's core competitiveness in its products, including core products of the technical content, quality, sale, and other factors related to the product range of around, the product is competitiveness of enterprises the most critical factor. We believe that design institute, recognized experts in these specialized channels, central air conditioning brand building is key, and get the recognition they need to focus on the core nature of manufacturing enterprises, to start from the product itself, and then have other, it is our view. "Yuan said Hu. The seventh release from our "energy-saving products in government procurement list" view, the number of foreign-funded enterprises have been included in selection of foreign brands, York, Trane, Carrier, McQuay Dengjun list in the energy . Haier, Gree, Midea, Oaks and other domestic brands have selected, foreign and domestic brands owned half each. Most domestic brands of domestic enterprises, said more terrain, reaction speed, service and more timely. When the "domestics crescendo" as central air-conditioning government procurement market direction, the strength of domestic enterprises in government procurement projects started frequent moves, and some even look at the global, independent research and development Oakes was the central air-conditioning system in South Africa World Cup stadiums phase, the amount of the order of 400 million U.S. dollars. Central air-conditioning businesses have fewer government programs, as product advertising, publicity, veterans talked about this, it is easy to see, government procurement, to enable enterprises to benefit from the brand reputation. 2010 clutching a low-carbon Energy - is the refrigeration industry, the most frequently mentioned a word to talk about the development of the industry, almost inseparable from the "low carbon" in the "post-Copenhagen" era, the government will undoubtedly take the lead country to "low-carbon economy" of the responsibility if the national introduction of air conditioning energy efficiency standards as "hard to" section, then the above-mentioned "energy-saving products in government procurement list" can be seen as a corporate "soft" exhortations. The formation of central air-conditioning company will become the mainstream consensus is that low-carbon products in the global economy has entered a phase of low-carbon era, energy-saving products to the brand will have a greater competitive advantage, high energy consumption products will be gradually withdrawn from the market. In an interview Oaks electrical marketing manager Hu Yuan said that "this piece of central air-conditioning energy saving is concerned, is primarily a problem of energy efficiency, other like cooling agents this, try to use environmentally friendly refrigerants to reduce the impact on the ozone layer This is the direction of two large, from the product itself, we now all the product lines are in accordance with the requirements of the national energy efficiency, even higher than the national energy efficiency requirements of a re-do the planning, we had the old inefficient products will have eliminated this year, like our new listing this year, 410A DC conversion products, including the X module, flooded screw machines are energy-efficient products, especially X module, the conventional machine for the modules of this product It does not belong to a very high energy efficiency of products, but our block machines with a new 'X' structure design; water use efficiency shell and tube side heat exchanger; air side heat exchanger using water film technology, energy efficiency ratio reached 3.51, far more than national-level energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency is the industry's highest air-cooled chiller module. In addition, as the national energy saving certification this year, we have the whole series, each product must be certified separately, we considered not only from the market To enter this market, government procurement, more through this opportunity, let us all products to low carbon emissions requirements. " Looking ahead to 2010, when the development of Hu Yuan said: "With the economic recovery and national policies to stimulate the introduction of large projects started, I believe the market will take a good central air conditioning, we have headquarters in Ningbo, Chengdu, Nanchang, Tianjin has a new factory in the building, Future Oaks brand positioning is a central air conditioning appliances Pingtai background all the comprehensive category of strong brands in the domestic front to occupy the position of the brand. "
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