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Temperature of air conditioning setting has exquisite setting undeserved Yi Shen
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Temperature of air conditioning setting has exquisite setting undeserved Yi Sheng is ill

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Air conditioning had entered an innumberable families in, it can adjust indoor temperature, make sure we have a comfortable surroundings. Nevertheless, we are in winter (the summer) use air conditioning when, temperature is not tone is taller (low) better. Because a reasonable room temperature should make the person feels comfortable already,this is, be helpful for health again. Say so, reasonable adjustment air conditioning temperature to consumer also be very important.

The end that air conditioning uses, it is to give us to build give an easy environment, the person's intimacy depends on the hot balance of human body, the factor that affects hot balance is very much, be like: The age of circumstance of intensity of the habits and customs of temperature of environmental temperature, surface of the air velocity of flow near relative humidity, human body, object, individual, activity, dress, person, healthy state.

Accordingly, intimacy is subjective suffer with a kind of when after collaboration of a variety of element put together are used, make the person arises objectively subjective feeling. With respect to temperature character, make person both neither feels hot, the temperature that does not feel cold again is called " physiology zero " . Physiology zero is the temperature that the person feels the most comfortable, different person can have different physiology zero degree. And, same below different situation individual also has different physiology zero degree. To general for healthy normal person, physiology zero is in about 29 ℃ of 28 ℃ ~ . Accordingly, the temperature of air conditioning room should as far as possible make choice of is near this temperature.

When we are enjoying comfortable temperature, notice to assure the health of the body even. Air conditioning temperature is indoor with outdoor cannot differ too big, be in commonly 10 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ are advisable. If temperature differs too old saying, we are in pass in and out when endure air temperature to change suddenly, the disease such as very easy head cold.

When comfortable after assuring with health, we consider section report with respect to this. If air conditioning is when refrigeration,the temperature when temperature is moved too lowly or making heat is moved exorbitantly, it is very bad news can. Consider from the respect that omit report so, summer cannot move room temperature too lowly, the winter also cannot move temperature too high.

Rise integratedly in light of, the temperature with air conditioning reasonable room should be 28 ℃ ~ in summer 29 ℃ , should be in in the winter 20 ℃ of 18 ℃ ~ . When should we notice above only, can live below easy environment, and the health that assures the body already, still can achieve the goal that omits report, where is what is there against it?
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