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Air conditioning had " personalized Morpheus mode "
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Air conditioning had " personalized Morpheus mode "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Division force " bedroom air conditioning " taste newly own multinomial and own intellectual property

Air conditioning had " personalized Morpheus mode "

Report from our correspondent recently, a when division power electric equipment rolls out around Morpheus theme, emphasize build a bedroom environment of high grade Morpheus, make the air conditioning that high grade Morpheus lives tasted consumer newly to cause intense echo in the market. As we have learned, division force comes out " sleep treasure " , it is division force " bedroom air conditioning " one of series product taste newly, its largest window is to own multinomial and own intellectual property.

Well-known, the Morpheus habit of everybody cannot be identical. To satisfy this kind of individual difference, "Sleep treasure " bedroom air conditioning is besides two kinds of acquiescent mode, more special design " personalized Morpheus mode " . The person that use can be mixed completely according to his be fond of habit, set different time paragraph the temperature of expectation, him press close to of your air conditioning Morpheus curve.

Division force " sleep treasure " the 2nd window of bedroom air conditioning is the Jing Yin technique that adopts original creation, make air conditioning noise low to 23 decibel, the sound when moving far under the country " urban district noise pollution sets " the indoor sound of place designation the standard under 35 decibel, it is the product that at present family expenses air conditioning decides lowest of frequency engine noise.

In addition, "Sleep treasure " bedroom air conditioning is advocated " change new wind " it is the ultimate line that improves air quality, deserve to have unit of independent quiet tone take a breath, be aimed at the question with big noise of device of the take a breath on the market, undertook optimizing designing from the respect such as air channel and electric machinery, use dc machine, what achieved bedroom fresh air truly is halcyon enjoy. Additional, still introduced new generation " mite bacterium is clear " healthy screen pack, with prevent and reducing all sorts of irritability diseases that cause because of dirt mite.

The engineer of academy of technology of refrigeration of the force that occupy case discloses, "Sleep treasure " bedroom air conditioning is division force air conditioning merely 08 the first when taste newly " appetizing cole " , subsequently, division power electric equipment still will roll out much money in succession " bedroom air conditioning " be tasted newly and other the series air conditioning that applies to specific environment, in order to satisfy the different requirement of different consumer, have the company after all to the person's consideration truly.
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