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Home appliance chain vies flagship store
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Home appliance chain vies flagship store

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: The flagship store that is oneself in tycoon of chain of capital home appliance bang the drum for sb when, the flagship store level that Su Ning electric equipment raised recently, contend for for what the home appliance that already turned white-hot originally interlinks flagship store added a fire again.

"Su Ning standard " draw a person of the same trade to oppugn

In August the middle ten days of a month, interlink as capital home appliance 3 strong one of Su Ning electric equipment, the flagship store that emerges in endlessly on field of the first city that it is Beijing established a standard. Su Ning electric equipment thinks to accord with only the following the home appliance chain of 4 standards sells a gift qualified call flagship store: Exceed large-scale parking lot, the amount should be in 1000 above; Management area is in above of 10 thousand square metre; Must unifinication of brand of as famous as international chain, form l of l of household m a ; Its 4 it is position of of all kinds product reasonable.
According to flagship store level of Su Ning, not only oneself faces south in the brunt inn on capital market road inn and associate bridge inn, because free parking space is not worth 1000,have 6000 much square metre only with management area respectively, cannot call flagship store, and of advocate of beautiful electric equipment of its competitor nation " the first inn of Asian " An Zhen store, big in in the center of the flagship store of electric equipment advocate the flagship store of electric equipment of Ji Yongle of television tower inn loosens 5 times inn all cannot say for flagship store.
Level of store of flagship of Su Ning electric equipment just came on stage to suffer the doubt of the person of the same trade inside course of study namely. Headquarters of national beautiful electric equipment is collected sell blueness of He Yang of central chief inspector to express, below the circumstance that does not have uniform standard at present in chain industry, the more of level of store of flagship of home appliance chain that Suningdi gives is ego hype, without any real significances; Big in Zhang Yong of manager of department of electric equipment wide announce expresses, alleged flagship store is the enterprise sells for oneself only a named symbol just, big in electric equipment thinks flagship store is not the first inn.
The reporter discovers in interview, home appliance interlinked an enterprise to at present already what be weighed by oneself is the inn of flagship store: By a body shop that national beautiful electric equipment calls flagship store, abstruse body shop, and have " the first inn of Asian " store of An Zhen store, the area is in more 10 thousand meters of above, traffic advantage does not say, the advantage of the respect such as line of the products, layout is inside the industry be obvious to all; Big in electric equipment with central television tower inn is a delegate be called integrated of large store sell, its position is in more 3, 4 annulus edge, the area is in 10 thousand meters of above, parking space ability of all ready, consumption covers product of enough, 3C whole town, with different in approach but equally satisfactory in result of flagship store level; happy to the Xin Junyong on Beijing field electric equipment, of store of the flagship that be called sell, the area also exceeds 10 thousand meters, the product covers 3C field, and parking space is very enough.
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