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The application of natural gas
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The application of natural gas

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Develop to can lasting in the country and " green GDP " below the setting that takes seriously with each passing day, natural gas with its the character with clean, environmental protection, stable, good economy, become whole society to explore a central issue of new-style the sources of energy. Besides use as civil fuel, natural gas still is having more wide application, the applied domain that car of air conditioning burning gas, natural gas is a model:

Light air air conditioning: Energy-saving economy environmental protection

Air conditioning burning gas because reliable, environmental protection, volume is its economy, safety, minor, low, service life grows moving stability, noise, can offer a lot of advantage such as air conditioning, wholesome hot water at the same time, be in nearly more than 10 years get domestic and internationally be applyinged extensively. Be like Japan, bear of air conditioning burning gas occupies the 80 % of total negative charge of central air conditioning, korea is to achieve 88 % more.

Natural gas car: Reduce air to pollute

Natural gas car differs according to lighting angry condition, can divide for CNG (gaseous state is compressed (high pressure) natural gas) car, LNG (liquid state natural gas) car. Natural gas car is discharged those who compare car of benzine, derv is integrated discharge pollution to reduce about 85 % , among them carbolic oxygen reduces 97 % , carbolic hydrogen decreases 70 - 80 % , azotic oxide decreases 30 - 40 % , content of grain in suspension reduces 40 % , noise reduces 40 % , and do not produce the harmful and toxic material such as sulfur, lead, benzene, in the meantime, LNG quality is stable, foreign matter is little, engine combustion is smooth, saved specific fuel consumption.

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