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The expert raises action air conditioning to omit report
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The expert raises action air conditioning to omit report

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Sorching summer opens air conditioning is the easiest disappear heat way probably to citizens. Nevertheless, its taller and taller bad news report becomes an issue that electric power experts headache however. The sex of seasonal, period of time that uses phone plus air conditioning and erupt quality, the expert calls his even is influence safety power supply " killer of electrified wire netting " . Recently, electric power experts go out in succession action how to defeat solution to call electric difficult problem for nothing.
How many report did air conditioning expend after all? To every dweller, this is not a large number, but calculate the air conditioning that calculates the whole nation, the number is gotten greatly breathtaking. Bear of Shanghai air conditioning was about Spring 2004 657
Myriad is made of baked clay, occupy all to move the 44 % of the highest bear that use phone about. The summer used electric height time last year, citizen of each district appeal increases air conditioning for a time, had certain effect to dropping the negative charge that use phone. The method that nevertheless the expert thinks to restrict indoor temperature curtly is endless also and scientific. Although 25.5 ℃ are comfortable temperature, but it has premise, satisfy 4 environments element at the same time namely (temperature, relative humidity, all round the surface is average radiation temperature and indoor small wind speed) with element of two each people (circumstance of vivid momentum, dress) . More scientific method is to restrict difference in temperature of room inside and outside to be in 8 ℃ .

To central air conditioning, can interrupt a technology to be able to realize section report. It is lead plane of refrigeration of system of central air conditioning report of out of service of periodic of short duration, by send fan or pump of cooling water loop to continue to run supply air conditioning, affecting environmental easy below measurable circumstance, connect those who pass air cooling opportunity to be shut by turns will drop aiguille negative charge, achieve air conditioning of economic air conditioning to use electric end. Carry out a proof, stop hourly in air conditioning of aiguille hour air conditioning machine 10, 20 minutes, measurable to easy of the member that the building mies wife feeling won't have too big effect.

Report of air conditioning section, use air conditioning besides science, it is likewise important that promotion applies new-style and energy-saving air conditioning. Basically have the following kinds of new air conditioning at present: Harbour cold air conditioning, it is load of a kind of power moves the good method that the peak fills cereal. Still building pyroelectricity cold couplet is offerred, system of distributed the sources of energy, solar energy absorbs equipment of type air conditioning to wait.
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