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Consumption attacks continuously: Can you buy housekeeping money central air con
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Consumption attacks continuously: Can you buy housekeeping money central air conditioning?

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Nowadays, window type air conditioning, fission air conditioning, cabinet form air conditioning has applied in living in the life widely, and in recent years, in the center of family expenses air conditioning also a new force suddenly rises, not only air conditioning brand is active in the center of foreign old brand in domestic position, and enterprise of air conditioning of a lot of home also begins sortie this one domain. In interview, we discover major customer has heard of family expenses central air conditioning, but the person that use is not much still. A few consumer think, installation is complex, buy and use fee it is exalted, certain to have to building size the element such as the requirement restricted family expenses the development of the air conditioning central.

The price bears hard

Ms. Wang that not long ago just decorated expresses, he once had considered to install family expenses in decorating a process central air conditioning, but still abandoned this idea finally. Because the price is too high,basically be.

Ms. Wang: "When just beginning to decorate, I and husband or wife had pried housekeeping money central air conditioning, but hear of family expenses the price of central air conditioning but quite tall, the house outfit that resembles me comes down to also want 30 thousand yuan, if 3 my bedrooms and a sitting room buy common air conditioning,also did not cross 10 thousand yuan. And, the person of my home is not much, in the future use also compares bad news report in the process. Consider these so, I still did not install the air conditioning central finally, chose the air conditioning of fission frequency conversion with a few good quality however, using now pretty good also. Using now pretty good also..

In the meantime, ms. Wang expresses: "Air conditioning price is higher in the center of family expenses, before remembering a few years nevertheless, we feel common fission type air conditioning is very expensive also, but now is not same also can buy. So I believe before long, still can many people buy housekeeping money of the air conditioning central. Still can many people buy housekeeping money of the air conditioning central..

For health my home chooses central air conditioning

When the reporter interviews Mr Wang, he tells a reporter: "I just installed day to establish frequency conversion family expenses in not long ago central air conditioning. Because my bridal chamber is double entry structure, when just wanting to decorate, with respect to somebody the proposal installs central air conditioning, the course seeks advice with all possible means, feel the health for the family, installed central air conditioning. Installed central air conditioning..
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