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Sell furniture must bring a manual since October 1
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Sell furniture must bring a manual since October 1

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: On October 1, supervise by national quality examine quarantine total bureau promulgated on January 16, 2004 " the six ministries in feudal China divides consumable service instruction: Furniture " (the following abbreviation " service instruction " ) will begin formally to carry out.

That is to say from this year 11 begin, consumer buys the manual that furniture company should watch when furniture, according to expert introduction, once commodity appears quality problem or as affirmatory as manufacturer not conform to, this " service instruction " have legal effectiveness.

Make clear furniture manual content and voice

" service instruction " in stipulated the furniture that sell must have service instruction clearly () of label, sign, operation instruction handbook, operation instruction handbook must show the ambient conditions with applicable furniture clearly, mix according to the characteristic of furniture need, make clear structure, place to use material, function, type, norms, still need to introduce correct carriage installation method and maintain practically method, some offers fair graphic representation even. Additional, in environmental protection respect, the control index such as the smeary material that must contain actually to furniture uses material, coating gives a specification, keep clear nation consult standard, note and preventive measure.

Be understood by consumer to make a language easier, " service instruction " in requirement operation instruction handbook uses a verb advocate dynamic and need not passive condition; The demand is decisive and strong and not weak; State blunt not labyrinthian and euphemistic. And to operation instruction handbook presswork form and position had clear specification, make consumer OK read relevant content easily, and understand as far as possible.

" service instruction " have legal effectiveness

Secretary-general Cao Ying exceeds Chinese furniture association to point out when accepting a reporter to interview, " service instruction " the responsibility that should assume to the quality issue that often appears and manufacturer, have clear demand, normative the production of furniture market and sale domain, also raised an enterprise to enter the doorsill of the industry at the same time, have active sense to normative industry. To consumer, the price and surface should see not only when buying furniture, what should see furniture more is immanent, see the service of the enterprise, the assurance with the validity that sees a product provide a service and applicable function quality. So ten hind, will have series about " service instruction " promotion activity.

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