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Chopstick revolution and 8 million benefit is rich how does refine become an ene
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Chopstick revolution and 8 million benefit is rich how does refine become an energy-saving magic square

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-28Tag: Click: Rich the Fang Qi that connects group administration to do takes out a spoon from the drawer, preparation goes the dining room has a meal. Have a meal with spoon, changed his 20 old have dinner way almost, a month comes, have a meal in unit dining room every time, he need not oneself most skilled chopstick. The fellow worker that Fang Qi treats periphery and he is same, converted spoon, the dining room was put formerly in the one-time chopstick in sideboard to disappear.

From chopstick proceed with, this is rich tell a group " energy-saving revolution " " the first gun " , encourage employee to have a meal to take dinner service oneself to the dining room, the dining room offers one-time tableware and chopstick no longer, come down one year so but managing 25 thousand yuan.

This year in July, rich connected a group to begin other people of a benefit of fine breathed style " energy-saving revolution " , this " look not conspicuous now, but overlook namely before " the enterprise is dug in-housely go fall bad news behavior, let rich tell a group one year managing cost 8 million yuan.

A day at the beginning of July, rich there are many people to sitting in knowing group high level the regular bus of the company will go to work, this lets many employee look not to understand.

"Many 20 company tall valve that deploys special falls in the circumstance that does not have official activity, abandon special as far as possible, take company regular bus to commute. 20 cars, with a car oily bad news of kilometer of 0.12 liter / is calculated, areas of next Yu Yuan going there and back and oily bad news of the city zone need every sky about 1.44 yuan. If every tall canal in a year has time of one smaller part to sit,company regular bus commutes, so 20 tall canals a year at least but managing oil expends 3000 yuan. So 20 tall canals a year at least but managing oil expends 3000 yuan..

Rich a Chen Wei of administrative inspector general is strong also be to stay in the office the car commutes, "This is not to make appearance text, handle take as the point of departure from detail, this is the consensus of the group. " he says.

3000 yuan own 2700 employee, interest to what duty achieves 170 million yuan is large for civilian battalion enterprise, what to perhaps calculate. But each detail can " dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed " piece a bit, this is " terrible " thing.

After entering new garden area, rich the office area that know enlarges 10 thousand square metre, only a defray of charge of electricity is air conditioning about 140 thousand yuan. Company decision, summer is unified increase central air conditioning 27 Celsius by original 25 Celsius, move central air conditioning by original 23 Celsius in the winter low to 22 Celsius; Time of switch of central air conditioning every morning defer half hours of open, come off work before premise half hours to shut afternoon, come down one year so in all but managing charge 30 thousand yuan. Negotiate besides official business, summerly the ruler of heaven manages board of directors or high level attend a meeting, take the lead in wearing business suit to make tie, wear neat shirt only, reduce air conditioning place to need waste time can.
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